League Of Legends: Herbert Witshire Chitepo Hamandishe.

Herbert Witshire Chitepo Hamandishe was born on June 5, 1923 at Bonda in Nyanga. Cde Chitepo organized the first phase of the armed struggle. He died in Zambia on March 18. 1975 when a car bomb planted in the garage of his Lusaka home exploded.Cde Chitepo was buried in Zimbabwe on August 11, 1981.

Cde Chitepo was a brilliant schoolteacher, a B.A. graduate of Fort Hare and a lawyer of King's College and Gray's Inn, London. He became the first black Zimbabwe advocate and successfully defended the main political cases of African nationalists.
Herbert Witshire Chitepo Hamandishe.
Herbert Witshire Chitepo Hamandishe.
He became well known as a lawyer.
Heroes Acre. The National Heroes Acre, our revered shrine, is the pride of the people of Zimbabwe. It is a symbol of bravery and selflessness for those whose remains are laid to rest there. Towering majestically is the Tomb of the Unknown soldier which symbolises the final resting place for tens of thousands of Zimbabweans who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom and independence, but whose remains are scatered in the valleys, disused mines, caves, unknown graves and mass graves spread accross the nation and neighbouring states.
He began his revolutionary activities when he returned to Rhodesia in 1954. He was associated with all successive nationalist political parties. It was because of his outstanding achievements in his profession that he was asked to go and work in Tanzania as Director of Public Prosecution for the Government of that country.
After the ban on ZANU, the ZANU Central Committee asked Cde Chitepo to lead the external wing. He gave up his job in Tanzania and went to Zambia to lead the revolutionary Council. The renowned ZANLA military guerilla force was the result of his hard work. He re-organized the Revolutionary Council into "DARE" which became the central council for the prosecution of the armed struggle.

He spelt out clear-cut strategies and tactics and directed the mobilization of mass support within the country.He restructured the party in order to make it more efficient. His enemies were also alarmed by his successes that they plotted his assassination.
Source: Herbert Witshire Chitepo Hamandishe.

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