How To Fail In Life

I have read many books teaching me how to succeed in life. I am however now inspired to write articles on how to fail because I believe there is no more audience and readership on success material. Before we understand our enemy success, we have to know what success is and fight it hard.

What is success?
Many people are trapped in the the success that has no principle. They want to pass examinations, they want to do well in business, others want to be promoted at work whilst others want to outwit their rivals in business. You can accomplish all this and still be a failure. I went to University with people who passed exams with distinctions and yet they have still failed in life.

How to fail
If you want to fail and fail dismally in life the following prescription works quite well and good. An overdose of it will even catapult you into the Hall of Fame for Failures.
How To Fail In Life
Always depend  upon others to do those things that are necessary to achieve your objectives in life. Wait upon others to decide what you need to do.

Listen to the naysayers and always make excuses. Find a reason to dodge success. There is always a better time to do something. Do not practice anything, you may become better and better and eventually hook up with success. 

Spend most of your time around negative minded people who are quick to blame circumstances for their own failure.

Always be afraid to fail. Failure makes you the laughing stock in the face of life.

Never read any books on anything and spend much of your time waiting for those special holidays for long rests and partying.

Never trust yourself. Trusting yourself means you are friends with success. Believe in others and not on yourself.  

Never break any rules in life. Never test your limits and always think inside the box. 

When you fail, always give up and never test yourself again. And just to make sure you never get there, do not show up.

Never feed your faith so that you can allow the seeds of doubt to grow.

Welcome to a life of failure and lets enjoy the reality zone.

By: Arthur Mutambara How To Fail In Life

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