Zoe Worship Centre Has Gone Global.

Zoe Worship Centre Has Gone Global: I just started my work on Zoe Worship Centre's Weblog and today I just did some analytics just to see how broad the website's reach was; and I have to say I am really impressed.

The search term: Zoe Worship Centre with Apostle P. Sibiya now dominates Google's number one with their Facebook page: Zoe Worship Centre with Apostle P. Sibiya​  featuring in those top searches.
Zoe Worship Centre Has Gone Global.
Of note the Web-Blog was named Zoe Worship Centre with Apostle P. Sibiya strategically to make use of the keywords Apostle P. Sibiya. This means there is no other Worship Centre with such a name globally and this makes it easy for the web to rank very high in those keywords.

The top five nations from which this web-blog of a church based in Zimbabwe, Zengeza will truly surprise you (This is from Friday 17 July to Friday 24 July 2015) All views have been generated by organic searches which include Google and no online marketing has been done:
1. Brasil:     (200 Page Views In 7 Days)
2. United States Of America 60 (Page Views In 7 Days)
3. Italy (30 Page Views In 7 Days)
4. Zmbabwe (20 Page Views In 7 Days)
5. Portugal (10 Page Views In 7 Days)

This means Evangelist Michael Zvimba and his Assembly have easily gone global and their church programs when published on the web platform allows them to reach nations.

True Legends have a global reach and impact. do not confine your ministry to your location and community Go Global Now with the help of Oudney Patsika​  and Oudney's Studios​.

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