Wedding Planning Essentials: Have Faith In Yourself. (Part 1)

 I had the privilege to visit the pre-wedding rehearsal dance for a long friend of mine. His name is Richard Nyakudya. We served together in the Zengeza High School SU and the excitement and zeal that he expressed for the upcoming event made me sit down to think about the pre-wedding planning encounter that I had the previous year in 2014.

A Must Read If You Are Planning Your Wedding: I had a visit to one of the wedding venues to review the cost of the venue. The main agenda and intention of this visit was to negotiate the cost of the venue to something my client could afford. He had just recently lost his job, and the wedding date was only two months away. We had to act fast and reduce the services we could do without. Well for starters, we though to visit the wedding venue since, their price was the highest on our wedding budget. We were supposed to pay $3000.00 for the venue and had already deposited $800.00. We intended to remove services that we could do without and then maximize on the remaining services, with the intention of still having a great wedding day.

The owner of the venue surprised me when he began taking me through critical issues and points to remember when planning for a wedding! I will never forget that meeting and the words that this man spoke. They literally transformed my approach to life and to wedding planning! 

I hope that this article will help you in the same way that this man's talk helped me.

When planning for a wedding:
Wedding Planning Essentials: Have Faith In Yourself.
Have Faith In Yourself! The greatest mistake that any person can ever make, is to doubt themselves. You might have grown up in the high density suburbs of Chitungwiza and might have caught the spirit of low self esteem. It is important to remember that your environment must not affect the way you think and the way you perceive. 
Wedding Planning Essentials: Have Faith In Yourself.
The bible make it clear that we have the power within us to think big! This means, the type and quality of wedding that we will ultimately have, solely depend on our mindset and thinking! Having faith in yourself simply means, you trust and believe in yourself enough to have the audacity to plan a big wedding. It is not about how much money you have or how much money you make monthly. It is about how much faith you have. It is about having faith and trusting that you will have the wedding that you have dreamed of. 
Wedding Planning Essentials: Have Faith In Yourself.  
So many times we spend our time and energy comparing ourselves to those who make more money than us and then we begin shortchanging our selves by assuming that those who have more money deserve a great wedding day, because they can afford it. We confine ourselves to something small because we are financially challenged and refuse to put the faith resource into action. This is one of the greatest and biggest day in your life, you deserve to have the best day and the most exciting... so think big of it.

The bible makes it clear that there is something in you that is greater and much stronger than the one in the world. This means the greatness of the day, the order of the day, the excitement of the day and the joy of the day, is in you and in no-one else. Make the best of that day by having faith in yourself.

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