Origins of the Zimbabwean Crisis

An excerpt from “Origins” an upcoming publication by Vengayi Zano dealing with the role that foreign governments, particularly the United States of America, the United Kingdom and European Union in alliance with multilateral institutions notably the Bretton Woods institutes, have played in bringing about the political and socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe and the Mugabe regime’s egalitarian and redistributive ideas viz-a-viz Western neo-colonial subversion.

When it comes to explaining Zimbabwe’s post-independent history mostly on the deeply polarized political landscape and the ensuing economic chaos experienced in the last decade or so, many voices have clamored for attention. The prevailing account of the political and economic debacle in Zimbabwe is one which imprudently dismisses both the historical and international context as extraneous yet since 1890 European settlers have killed, plundered and stole in order to position their progeny where they are today in Zimbabwe and since Zimbabwe’s independence negotiations in 1979 the global Euro-American empire has unremittingly cast its dark shadow over Zimbabwe.
Origins of the Zimbabwean Crisis
In the medical profession, prescribing treatment for an ailment is mostly, if not exclusively, preceded by diagnosis procedures. So important are these diagnosis procedures that ignoring them invalidates the core objectives of the whole medical establishment. These procedures usually involve elucidation of the etiology of the diseases, that is, what CAUSED the disease or condition. Such elucidation can be useful to optimize treatment, further specify the prognosis or prevent recurrence of the disease or condition in the future. Vital components of the diagnosis procedure not only include physical examination and medical examination but equally the important component of medical HISTORY which in a way provides the context to understand the disease more and bring it into the right perspective. This HISTORY is obtained from the patient and also from other people close to the patient. The diagnosis process also comprises the processing of the answers, findings and optionally, consultations with other health professionals and specialists in the medical field. A diagnosis procedure consummates with a diagnosis opinion or a summation of the findings. Once a diagnostic opinion has been reached, the health professional is in a position to propose a treatment plan, which will include therapy, follow-up plans and tests to monitor the condition and the progress of the treatment, if need be. In addition to treating the patient's condition, the health professional can educate the patient about the etiology, progression, prognosis, other outcomes, as well as providing advice for maintaining health. A failure to respond to treatments that would normally work may indicate a need for review of the diagnosis. Having summated the diagnosis aspect in the medical field it is apparent that prescribing a treatment without diagnosis not only defies medical ethics but is in fact outright stupidity that calls for a psychiatric or psychological inquiry.

Few, if any, after being schooled on the need to perform a diagnosis first before a prescription for treatment, would bypass the diagnosis procedure, for the obvious reason that no remedy would be achievable for the ailment. As shocking and out rightly foolish it indeed is to bypass diagnosis in the medical establishment, the same foolishness, has been noticeable in the political and socio-economic ailment Zimbabwe has been suffering from. The Euro-American Empire and its stooges have given a wrong prescription to the Zimbabwean ailment simply because they have deliberately chosen to ignore the diagnosis procedure. There has been noticeable lack of any serious effort to investigate the real CAUSE or rather CAUSES of the malady besieging Zimbabwe neither has there been a genuine physical examination while the medical history of the patient has been trampled underfoot and lampooned as an unnecessary preoccupation with the past unhealthy for a bright future. The patient herself, in this case Zimbabwe and those closest to her, have been shamelessly denied the right to historically speak about what could have possibly caused her condition, rather the fervent cries for a proper diagnosis procedure have been drowned under the mammoth flood of democracy, good governance, human rights and regime change by Western undertakers on the loose who instead of managing funerals of the untold millions they have massacred throughout the globe, mistakenly think they are the medical professionals charged with a monopoly of truth on all medical issues. The West have not hidden their intentions of giving out a treatment plan for the recovery of a patient they have failed to diagnose properly, in fact they propose to heal an ailment on a patient they wish never to recover. They call for regime change when it is a stone-engraved truth that the politico-economic woes in Zimbabwe are largely a result of their making.

Any sane medical personnel, even a layman in the medical field for that matter, will tell you that treating symptoms of a disease without getting to the root of the disease and its historical development so as to establish the cause or causes is at best a useless endeavor. The importance of medical history of a patient and equally the history of all the realms of human endeavours and activity should never be undermined. As pointed out by Walter Rodney in his monumental 1973 “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”, certain solutions are implicit in a correct historical evaluation, just as given medical remedies are indicated or contra-indicated by a correct diagnosis of a patient’s condition and an accurate case-history. Those who wish to detach people from history, whether that history is medical, religious et cetera, are killing an understanding of the present which ensures success-filled inroads of the future. Perhaps the importance of history is underlined more clearly by George Orwell who stated that “he who controls the past, controls the future, he who controls the future, controls the present.” In the same vein Confucius concluded that he who would predict the future must study the past. Bygones should never be left to be bygones, not only to avoid thwarting the future but also to avoid making yesteryear’s mistakes. As “God knows who”, declared, a generation that refuses to know its history is bound to repeat the sins of its fathers.

For well over a century Zimbabwe has been subjected to Western meddling in its internal affairs coupled with profit-induced thievery and plunder by the same of its vast God-given resources. Beginning with the coming in of dubious members of the clergy under the cover of the Bible on a so-called civilization crusade of the “Dark Continent” to the current Western-backed opposition politics receiving mass handling from greedy American politicians and their European kith and kin it is indeed extraordinary that Zimbabwe has survived the onslaught of diabolical machinations and intrigue. Much of Zimbabwe’s continual survival from the Western onslaught is attributable to the sterling, fearless and unique breed of leadership the country has been endowed with, ranging from the venerated Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi to the sagacious Robert Mugabe. The noble self-determinism the aforesaid example of heroes and heroine stand for and indeed epitomize has kept Zimbabwe from drowning under the heinous floods of colonialism and neo-imperialism. Perhaps the name Zimbabwe which is derived from the historical stone structures called "Great Zimbabwe" (houses of stone), the largest in Africa after the pyramids of Egypt, has prophetically made the country able to withstand, like stone, all external forces aimed at subjugating it.

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