LESSON #6 Reduce Stress Areas Of An Entrepreneur.

Stress is a common side effect of almost any job, but entrepreneurs seem to have it the worst.You are at the helm of a budding business which at most is very stressful. If you are still the sole owner of your budding business it means you are the one who is handling the invoicing of your clients, pay the bills for your office and do the running up and down. If you are a designer like me, it also means, you still need to create time to work on your designs in time to make those submissions and meet the clients' deadlines.

This can be stressful. As you can see the causes of stress come from almost anywhere: clients, rents, employees, emails, and much more. But what I have learned is that stress has a much more profound effect on business operations than most people think.
Reduce Stress Areas Of An Entrepreneur.
Stress usually has a direct impact on productivity. My own experiences as an design and online entrepreneur helped me realize that when I am stressed, I am far less productive. Stress causes me to spin my wheels, and gives me a feeling that every task — even small ones — are much more daunting than they actually are. Part of this is due to the fact that stress often manifests as physical pain, which makes any task unpleasant and very hard to do.

I learned some important lessons about what was causing my stress and how to minimize it. The most important way that I used to figure out how to handle my stress was really simple.

Figure out where the stress is coming from.
Oftentimes, when we are stressed, it seems like a big mess with stress areas appearing from every angle. We start to feel like we are playing a game of dodge ball, ducking and darting so we do not get smacked by a barrage of balls. We take a defensive position, and not a good one at that.
Instead of feeling like you are flailing day to day, identify what you are actually stressed about. Is it a specific project at work, an upcoming exam, a dispute with your boss, a heap of laundry, a fight with your family?
By getting specific and pinpointing the stress areas in your life, you are one step closer to getting organized and taking action.

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