LESSON #3 Have A Plan and Have Schedule.

We have already covered LESSON #1 Have A Dream and LESSON #2 Sell Pop-Corns If You Have To.
 I hope that you will learn something from this LESSON #3 Have A Plan and Have Schedule.

Many people who know that I work from home have a hard time understanding me when I tell them 'I am busy and cannot see you 'This Week!' They have the assumption that I spend most of my time at home doing nothing.

With this assumption: In the early stages of working from home - I encountered challenges from my friends who wanted to see me anytime they pleased. They thought that since I was working from home, they had the right to just come and see me any time they wanted. I had to show and explain to them that they were wrong and that even though we are friends, 'We needed to respect each others' time and meet according to a specified schedule.'

This explains why in the early days of my 'work from home strategy' I had so many unexpected visitors. 'Sorry, I just wanted to see you!'  They would say and they would spend (waste) more than twenty minutes of my work time.
LESSON #3 Have A Plan and Have Schedule.
I also had people who would either texted me or called me asking me if I was home 'Today.' with the 'Can I see you today or right now mantra.' This mantra does not work in my area of expertise. I prefer lets meet 'Next Week' as this gives me days to plan my meeting with you.

Now in the law of order and organization, if you are to truly make it in the business world, you should be so organized that your coming week (6 to 7 days) is well planned for. In other words come Sunday evening you should know what you will be doing the coming week. Your whole week should be planned.

Apart from a hectic work strategy, I have created time to play with my son and to talk to my wife, read book, watch DVDs etc. Its all in my week's plan. Planning and following through your plan and schedule through to completion is a very important component of a successful business person. Successful business people are very time organized and have the crazy habit of looking at their watches because they understand that each passing second and minute is money.

These are some very important statements that you should quickly learn to say to people who are in your circles. Remember even if they call you crazy... it does not matter. You have a brand to build and people's sympathy does not matter.

If they ask you 'Are you home right now!' Have the confidence to say 'Yes I am home but I am too busy to see you. Why don't we set a schedule for next week. Remember to follow your program through to completion. Don't divert your plan because someone just wants to see you 'Right Now.' Be resolute in following your week's action plan.

Be able to say: 
  • 'I am Busy This Week"
  • 'I am home, but, I do not want to see anyone.'
  • 'Stop wasting my time.'
  • 'Thank you for passing through, but can you call me next time when you want to see me because the kind of work I am building requires that I get organized.
  • 'Let's meet at 1000Hrs, but if you delay coming to our rendezvous with five minutes then don't bother coming, I will have gone.' This is very important because any form of delay where appointments are concerned will rack havoc to your whole day.

I have also made it clear that I do not respond to business calls after 1800Hrs. No matter how much the job is paying. My general feeling is that, I should respond to my clients from 0800Hrs - 1730Hrs and really customers respect my after working hours. Follow this through and never discuss work after working hours... this is time you should be with your family.

Also remember to be bold enough to say 'No!' to any form of pressure. I used to say yes to any job that was given to me until I realized that not only where most of these jobs giving me unnecessary pressures, most of my clients where not willing to pay top dollars for the work that I had done for them. This is what I did... I dropped all clients who where confused and began from scratch to look for more organized ones. 'Even today when they come with jobs they want done 'Now' and they want it finished today I simple say "No!' This removes unnecessary pressure from your already busy week.

I am not really sure about the career path that you are following... maybe it requires that you abide by a different set of rules from mine... just remember to get organized... have a program... have a schedule... close your ears to what people say... let people know that you are home or at work but are too busy to see them...

When you have an appointment with someone at 10 arrive early for the meeting and finish it on time. Don't over chat. Finish the talk and go home or move to the next thing. If you have 10 things to do for the day... then do those 10 things and finish.

I have taught myself to have a new level of order and organization that is necessary for the running of the multi-million dollar online media house that I am building. I wish I had known to be resolute in following my week's plan a little bit earlier... i wish I had known to say 'No' to certain clients and jobs more earlier... you are very fortunate to have read this 'Today'


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