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LESSON #2 Sell Pop-Corns If You Have To

LESSON #2 Sell Pop-Corns If You Have To: I remember how in 2007 and 2008 I had to sell Pop-Corns to raise money to buy my first desktop computer. I had to go through so much misery and shame just to make my dream a reality - It took selling Pop-Corns.

I had to sell Pop-Corns in Shops and Beer-halls, even when at that time I was already a pastor of an assembly. I did not allow pride and laziness to take the better of me. I knew that if I was going to make my dream a reality, I had to do whatever it takes to make my dream and desire a reality.

In life, I have come across individuals who carry great or big dreams, but are not willing to do what it takes to make their dream a reality - even if it means selling Pop-Corns. Selling Pop-Corns means do what it takes to make your dream and desire a reality. Never refuse to do certain jobs that might be dubbed or rendered shameful - like being an airtime vendor, selling tomatoes, selling freezits, mangos, guavas, maputi or chibage. Whatever it is that you need to sell, sell it to fight for your dream.
LESSON #2 Sell Pop-Corns If You Have To
I sold Pop-Corns and many of the people who saw me selling the Pop-Corns really felt so sorry for me because they had no idea what I was up to. Zimbabwe's economy was tough at that time. Earning a living was almost impossible. A fulfilled dream seemed almost impossible. Yet I now know that dreams can be a reality to those who are willing to sell anything even Pop-Corns like I did in 2008.

I used to walk the dusty streets of Chikwanha will a small dish full of Pop-Corns in the mornings, even during Sundays, just before Church services, where I would also preach. I did not says 'I am a pastor so there are certain things that I cannot do.' I now know by experience that real dreams require tenacity, patience and persistence.

Selling Pop-Corns is now a thing of the past. I am now an online power-house well versed in Graphics Designing, Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Audience Aggregation, Cinematography (Video Filming, Video Editing and Story-boarding.) I am now the owner of a Design Studio - Oudney's Studios​ and this company was born from a journey where I had to sell Pop-Corns.


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