LESSON #1 Have A Dream

I have come to realize that in the face of resistance and mockery, if your dream is big and compelling enough, you will never give up.

Make your dream so big that it frightens you. Do not settle for for small and safe dreams. Learn from David. When it comes to slaying giants... Go for Goliath.

There is nothing as exciting as pursuing a great dream. The reason why it is necessary to have a really great dream is that everyday you have something to look forward to. Big dream make it hard for you to be lazy.
Have A Dream
Have A Dream
When your dream is big enough, you also do not need anyone's approval to either dream or pursue it.

I started Oudney's Studios​ at a time it was almost impossible for me to dream and if I had not dreamed I would still be employed in the government, working as a clerk. It took a great dream for me to leave the comfort of my work. Even my father was vehemently against this move and I had to go through day of his verbal insults. It was not easy!!!

So today why don't you sit down and think about your dream. Make sure you write it down clearly and give yourself a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan.

Apart from having a great dream, my friend Arthur Mutambara​ taught me about the importance of making sure that my media dream is not only big enough to be global, he also taough me that it must be small enough to be relevant to the community in which I stay. This is the reason why I start two Chitungwiza Communities: Chitown DotComs​ (http://chitown.realinfozones.com) and Chitown Posts​ (http://chitownposts.oudney.net). In these communities, I am able to come back to my roots and cover news and issues that are relevant to the community in which I saty. In other words before I think about covering Zimbabwe through Real Zim News​ (http://zimnews.realinfozones.com)and Africa through African Metro Stories​, I need to cover issues in my own community. #LessonsInLife.

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