I Am A Future Legend: Nyasha and Maudenia Mututa

We are currently faced with the stark and disappointing under-utilization of the Municipal Creche facilities in Chitungwiza. This is so disappointing given the fact that children are our future. With this in mind, I had a few minutes to think about the upcoming 'Conference For Kids' that will be hosted by Apostle Sibiya under the name Mega Kidz Conference themed: 'I Am A Future Legend.'

I just recently told Arthur Mutambara who I have been teaching the basics of coding that I will start teaching my young brother Tarto Patsika coding when he begins his 'Form One' secondary education next year. I will also teach my son Ordain Patsika how to code from a tender age. I want him to know what I know at tender ages. I told Arthur Mutambara that even if my young brother and son follow other career paths they will do so freely. Yet they will be empowered to sit down and code a sites from scratch. This is my gift to them for the future. Even now as I sit on my laptop my four month old son begs for my attention because he wants to sit on my lap as I code my websites away.

I will raise him to be a future legend. I remember the lyrics to Whitney Houston’s song The Greatest Love of All and it says:
I believe the children are our future 
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.
Nyasha and Maudeni Mututa
This portion of the song has always been a favorite. It is important to remember that each child’s future is shaped by many. Teachers are key figures in this transformation process. Teacher beliefs, expectations and assumptions of potential weigh heavily in the student achievement equation. Research “clearly establishes that teacher expectations do play a significant role in determining how well and how much students learn” (Jerry Bamburg 1994). 

Students tend to internalize the beliefs teachers have about their ability. Generally, they “rise or fall to the level of expectation of their teacher... When teachers believe in students, students believe in themselves. When those you respect think you can, you think you can” (James Raffini 1993).

I Believe The Children Are Our Future.
Children have and always will be our future. Each generation is expected to learn from individuals of a past generation in order to lead the way into the future. Todd Whitaker writes, “Teachers are the profession that make all other professions possible.” This is so true.

If we believe the children are our future, we must teach them for their future.

Teach Them Well And Let Them Lead The Way.
Many teachers and/or whole schools are using inquiry based methods, flex grouping and other approaches that allows the child to lead the way. These methods honor the child as a learner.

Show Them All The Beauty They Possess Inside AND Give Them A Sense Of Pride To Make It Easier.
Todd Whitaker, author of “What Great Teachers Do Differently” share 14 things that matter most. Many of these revolve around how we show respect and help OUR KIDS to believe in themselves. 

Nyasha and Maudeni Mututa
Where Do You See Yourself With The Following Characteristics?
1. Great teachers never forget that it is people, not programs, that determine the quality of a school.
2. Great teachers establish clear expectations at the start of the year and follow them consistently as the year progresses.
3. When a student misbehaves, great teachers have one goal: to keep that behavior from happening again.
4. Great teachers have high expectations for students, but even higher expectations for themselves.
5. Great teachers know who is the variable in the classroom: THEY are.
6. Great teachers create a positive atmosphere in their classrooms and schools.
7. Great teachers consistently filter out the negatives that do not matter and share a positive attitude.
8. Great teachers work hard to keep their relationships in good repair–to avoid personal hurt and to repair any possible damage.
9. Great teachers have the ability to ignore trivial disturbances and the ability to respond to inappropriate behavior without escalating the situation.
10. Great teachers have a plan and purpose for everything they do.
11. Before making any decision or attempting to bring about any change, great teachers ask themselves one central question: “What will the best people think?”
12. Great teachers treat everyone as if they were good.
13. Great teachers keep standardized testing in perspective.
14. Great teachers care about their students, and understand the power of emotion to jump-start change.

Nyasha and Maudeni Mututa
Let The Children’s Laughter Remind Us How We Used To Be.
It has been said, laughter is the best medicine. Today I had the opportunity to see these kids in their learning environments. It warms my heart to see students who are enjoying what they are doing and learning – as much as I did as a child at Batanai Creche. That is when it was still functional. Chitungwiza Municipality has ignored the structures from which great teachers like Auntie Mututa can benefit from.
Nyasha and Maudeni Mututa
What are we doing as educators to brighten EACH child’s day? A kind word, a compliment, or the time to visit with a child can go along way. The more we show a child we care and believe in them and their abilities, the more they will succeed! Treating all with dignity and respect is essential.

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