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God is at the Centre of it all says Sangulani Max Chikumbutso

Mr Sangulani Max Chikumbutso, a high school dropout, left school in his second year of high school because his family could not afford to pay school fees for him. However, this did not stop him from dreaming big. He is now Founder and inventor of Saith Technology, and he says God has taught him all he knows.

Amazingly Sangulani or Max as he is popularly known. Says God, taught him the finer details about technology through visions and today he has a number of inventions and innovations that his company Saith Technology can count as its products.
Sangulani Max Chikumbutso
Saith Technologies may have the answer to the global warming issue, they recently showcased renewable energy equipment in Harare, Zimbabwe. The company showcased its electric car and hybrid helicopter.

The helicopter runs on six different fuels without making any adjustments on the engine while the fully powered electric vehicle is powered by micro-sonic energy device (MSED)

MSED is a renewable form of energy with zero emission. The green power machine is designed to revolutionise the energy sector and is powered by a MSED which generates electrical power by converting high radio frequency energy directly into electricity.

Max says God showed me all this in visions watch the video link below:

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