Celebrating The Footprints Of Legends.

Who is a legend? A legend is an icon who parades rare qualities in their respective field of expertise. The individual possess the capability to influence others even in after life.

History is congested with legends from all walks of life. Undoubtedly, you can also be a legend in your own right, family or faculty. And Tiyambuke International Christian Convention – a yearly gathering within Glory Ministries will avail an assemblage of legends in God’s Kingdom.

Artistic legend:
The entertainment fraternity is awash with legends that have stolen peoples’ hearts and beliefs and sometimes led them astray. The late Robert Marley is one legend that made the world to spin around with his lyrical, reggae beats pregnant with appropriate messages championing black emancipation. Three daces after his demise, the world still pursue his music - religiously. His compilations still command huge sales, while yearly gatherings are organised to honour his larger than life existence around the globe, including Harare. Though he never fought in the trenches, his music stirred the oppressed minority.
Celebrating The Footprints Of Legends.
Business legend: The late Rodger Boka became the first Zimbabwean to open an indigenous owned bank. His exploits in the textbook manufacturing and sales business propelled him to eternal life stardom. At the time of his death, he had established the largest tobacco auction floors in Africa that still exudes an imposing stature on the continent and beyond. While many sought job security in their respective companies, Boka, a former educationist sought to be different. Today, many local businesses have established tobacco auction floors following his example in a field that was once dominate by a minority. Bill Gates is a prime model of a legendary businessperson.
Christian legend: Jesus remains the sole legend that every Christian must follow his footsteps. Choosing to die for our sins, he remains a celebrity in the body of Christ. Apostle Dr Ezekiel Guti, a steadfast general in God’s Kingdom is a legend with 60 years in ministry. His stance has influenced people such as: Apostle Gurupira, Evangelist Saungweme, Apostle Jaka, Apostle Alexander Chisango and the host Apostle Pride Sibiya who are all set to feature at the 2015, TICC dubbed Footprints of Legends commencing on September 1 until the 5th.

Political legend: The political world is packed with individuals who sold out the cause of the majority seeking individual glory. Nelson Mandela, the late South African statesman will go down in history as an individual who never apologised for his beliefs and ethos. After three decades in solitary confinement, he walked out of prison and forgave his persecutors. His death in 2013 marked a poignant chapter to an illustrious political career that left billions in the world with a wounded face as his body was shepherded to his rural home of Qunu. Known for his acute humility – and deep affection for children, his name has become an everlasting anthem – a brand of grand magnitude.

Sporting legend: Soccer is a multifaceted sport that unites billions of followers across the globe. Pele, the famous Brazilian goes in history as a legendary soccer player for his country winning the World Cup in the process. He later became a minister of sport and still commands a lot of respect though he last featured in the game back in the 1970s. – Tinzwei | By Derick Matsengarwodzi.

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