Beam Your Location In 33 Simple Ways.

Happy Birthday Oudney Patsika​.

HOW TO BEAM YOU LOCATION IN 33 SIMPLE WAYS: Yesterday I turned a year older and my mom was the first one to send me a birthday message. In her message to me she said: 'Wakanga uri musi wa23 July 1982 apo ndakabatsirwa nemwana mukomana. Happy Birthday 33 today.' A great message from my mom... She remembered.
Beam Your Location In 33 Simple Ways.
Ever year on my birthday I take time to reflect on my life's journey and to review on my success and failures. This year was particularity one of the most challenging and life changing for me. This is because I began pursuing a career and a life path that is not only new to most people in Zimbabwe, but also very vague. I tell people that I make my living online and have no need to meet my clients nor do I need to write and invoice or a receipt... and i am met with confused responses. True, they have no idea what I am talking about.

It is not my intention to explain to you what it is I do online and how I make money. I have decided to take you through an exciting tour of the 33 thing that I have learned in my life's journey. These lessons where just meant for me, by I will be gracious enough to share with you important lessons that I learned on a daily basis fo the next 33 days. I hope you will glean one or two lessons from my one lesson.

Oudney Patsika Is A Brand Architect, Cinematographer, Social Analyst, Social Media Expert, Online & Social Media Web Entrepreneur, Google Endorsed Publisher & Writer

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