Upcoming gospel artiste defends Prophet Magaya and Makandiwa

AN upcoming gospel artiste Brain Guy Gandari has defended miracles on his debut album called Minana/ Miracles.

On the title track Minana/Miracles, Gandari implores Christians to believe in the God of miracles. The title track defends the new crop of prophets who have taken the gospel scene by storm. In the song, Gandari, who is a member of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD), says the same God who anointed David is the same God who anointed today’s prophets.

The seven-track album on a purely reggae fused with sungura not was released a fortnight ago.
Upcoming gospel artiste defends Prophet Magaya and Makandiwa
Gandari said miracles performed by men of God like PHD Ministries founder Walter Magaya and UFIC leader Emmanuel Makandiwa motivated him to pen such songs.
“Most of songs are a testimony to my life. I was inspired by personal experiences and how God has helped me conquer them. ” he said.

Added Gandari: “What I experienced when I started attending PHD Ministries church services is just a testimony that God is still doing miracles. I am a testimony of miracles, no wonder I had to pen songs praising God.”

On track three titled Mama Vangu, the Great Commissioners leader takes time to praise his mother whom he said raised him under very difficult situations.

Moyo Wangu is one danceable song that ends on a sungura tip. The bass guitar on this song is outstanding just like any other gospel/sungura songs.

“Miracles are still possible if we all believe God. I want all those facing problems to believe in God of miracles. Surely, He can perform miracles for everyone who believes in Him,” Gandari said emphatically.

Gandari, the leading vocalist on the album, was helped by his wife and other members of PHD Ministries.

On another song Ndichamunamata, Gandari vows to keep on worshipping God despite challenges in life.

Some of the songs which feature on the album are Mweya Mutsvene, Mama vangu, Moyo Wangu, Usazochema, Vanavangu and Ndichamunamata.

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