Safeguard Alarms adds 10 brand new Nissan NP200 trucks to its rapid response fleet

Safeguard Alarms has added 10 brand new Nissan NP200 trucks to its rapid response fleet, making it possible for the company to increase its emergency response capacity.

The trucks, which cost more than $200 000, are part of Safeguard's continued investment in its products and services aimed at not only increasing capacity but further improving the already high quality of services offered, Safeguard Alarms managing director Reason Chitiva said.

"The new rapid response vehicles will enable us to service more customers in various parts of Harare as we will now have over 45 emergency response vehicles on call 24 hours a day all year round in the capital city.
Safeguard Alarms adds 10 brand new Nissan NP200 trucks to its rapid response fleet
"The trucks will, like all our other rapid response vehicles, be equipped with a two-way radio for communicating with the rapid response monitoring team as well as other equipment required when responding to emergencies," he said.

Mr Chitiva added that the trucks will also be monitored via satellite to ensure that they are stationed at the most appropriate locations to allow them to reach customers in distress within the shortest possible time.

He pointed out that the increase in the response fleet will see more customers being able to take advantage of the Safeguard cellphone panic button service, which allows customers to seek help from Safeguard even when they are away from their alarmed premises.

"Our rapid response customers can also make more use of their panic button when faced not only with a security situation, such as where they are being followed or are confronted by thieves or robbers, but to request other assistance as well.

"When, for example, the customer's car has broken down and he or she needs roadside assistance, he or she can press the cellphone panic button shortcut. Safeguard's rapid response centre will call back to ascertain the assistance needed.

"If, let's say, it is a tyre puncture but the customer does not feel safe changing it alone, the nearest response team will be dispatched to go and watch over the customer while he changes the tyre. If it is a different problem, of a non-security nature, the response centre can be asked to contact an appropriate service provider such as a car towing company," he explained.

"Our success comes from providing our customers with the best and latest security products and services.

"Most of our security solutions can be tailored to meet a company's or individual's budget without compromising the security requirements when, for instance, the budget is low.

"Our sales and after-sales teams are up-to-date with the latest security solutions. We are proud to say they can provide the most appropriate security solutions for any specification, no matter how complex it may sound," Mr Chitiva added.

Safeguard Security has updated the technology and systems for its guard monitoring control room. Guard monitoring systems are now on-line to ensure guards are working to expectations.

Safeguard Engineering is now assembling locally the Xpanda T-Max and X-Door security gates, resulting in a significant increase in sales of these security gates, which can be fitted to both doorways and windows.

Safeguard Security Group sales director Loveday Magaya said Safeguard provided a two-year warranty for its Xpanda gates. He said gates are installed countrywide by Safeguard and its authorised installers. Gates sold by sub-contractors were sold at the same price as those purchased directly from Safeguard, he said.

"Safeguard Engineering is now assembling the Xpanda T-Max and X-Doors. It is the official Zimbabwe agent for Xpanda. Any Xpanda gate can be ordered through Safeguard but those which have to be imported take longer to arrive than those assembled locally," he said, adding that the convenience of an early delivery date for gates assembled locally had led to the upsurge in sales of the T-Max and X-Doors.

"Sales have gone up significantly and we expect to see this continuing as businesses and individuals have been impressed by the quick installation and ready back-up that local assembly has made possible.

"Our new training school has seen our staff gain a wealth of knowledge in the security industry through the various courses and programmes we run.

"We have also added more armoured vehicles for our cash-in-transit division that facilitates the safe transportation of cash and other valuables such as gold bullion or diamonds throughout the entire country," he added.

Safeguard has been one of Zimbabwe's leading security service providers for many years. It has won several awards, including the Megafest National Business Award for the Leading Security Company in Zimbabwe in 2013 and 2014 and the Contact Centre Customer Service Excellence in the Security Sector Award, again in both 2013 and 2014. It was also ranked eighth in the private sector category in the 2014 Top Ten Zimbabwe's Best Employers Survey.

Safeguard Security Group managing director Andrew Mallon said he believed the company's commitment to customer excellence was second to none.

He said the company encouraged innovative ideas on how to further improve customer service and products.

"While we have a services type structure, we have a very open approach to ideas and innovations. Our motto is: 'Everyone is empowered for quality'," he said.

"Our approach to customers is simple. It is excellence in service and energy in response," Mr Mallon said.
Source: MRP

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