Bishop Masocha's finances to be probed

THE finances of sex shame preacher Walter Masocha’s church must be probed to account for millions of pounds raised from worshippers, politicians in Scotland have said.

Official statements show the Agape for All Nations church – founded by Zimbabwe-born Masocha and run as a charity – raised almost £4million in the past four years.
Last year, they took in £850,959 and paid out almost all of that towards undefined “charitable activities”.

Church members who asked where the money went have drawn a blank. Church chairman Duncan Dougall said some parishioners had become “jealous” of Masocha’s progress and raised concerns about finances.
The finances of sex shame preacher Walter Masocha’s church must be probed to account for millions of pounds raised from worshippers, politicians in Scotland have said.
But one member said: “We all had to tithe. If you didn’t, well you weren’t actually part of the group. Others also gave gifts and offerings over and above tithes. “A lot of us had concerns about how the money was being accounted for, especially when Dr Masocha suddenly announced he was leaving his post at the university.

“I remember thinking and discussing with others about how much of a financial burden that would put on us all. Then there was the problem of how wealthy he seemed to become.
“First of all it was the suits, it was clear they had been tailor made. Then he was chauffeur driven to other satellites.”

Records show Agape spent more than £250,000 on staff and a further £34,450 on “governance”. Masocha and wife Judith are said to have been paid about £30,000 a year each. They live in a seven-bedroom mansion on the outskirts of Stirling, where the church have their HQ.

Labour’s justice spokesman urged the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) to investigate. MSP Hugh Henry said: “These are serious allegations which must be investigated. The OSCR should consider the concerns that churchgoers have expressed about the spending of their charitable donations.

“The special status afforded to charities must be rigorously defended against abuse.”
The abuse took place at Masocha’s mint-green mansion in Sauchieburn. The converted water treatment building is surrounded by a tall fence and CCTV cameras.

The home, where he often invited members to stay, was bought as a repossession for almost £400,000 in 2009. He made more alterations and added a £25,000 extension.
A green Range Rover and an Audi were parked on the long driveway Saturday. A woman at the house, believed to be Judith Masocha, claimed he wasn’t at home.

The couple, who have four children, also own a three-bedroom home in nearby Bridge of Allan. Bought in 2001 for £82,000, it is now rented out.

They also own a flat in Townhead, Glasgow, bought in 2004 for £11,800. Masocha stepped down from his leadership of the church after his conviction last month but Judith – described as Prophetess on the church website – is still in her position.

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