Woman Buried 11 Years Ago Resurfaces, Family Puzzled.

Residents of Nkakwa village Hapuyo Sub County in Kyegegwa district in Uganda, are in shock after a person they buried 11 years ago resurfaced in the neighbouring district of Kibaale.

New Vision reports that Apolonia Kobusinge was sighted in a bushy area of Kabasekende village in Busamiramira sub county, Kibaale district by residents who arrested her and took her to police on suspicion that she was either a criminal or a mental health patient.

Pastor Patrick Sewante of The Lord Jesus Foundation, Wells of Salvation Church, said that when Kobusinge was arrested she looked weak and could not talk but he decided to pray for her so that she could recover. Little did he know that Kobusinge had ‘died’ and had been ‘buried’ way back in Kyegegwa in 2004.

Sewante said that it was after spending almost two years with Kobusinge that some people went to him and alerted him that Kobusinge had died in a road accident and was buried on February 17, 2004.
Woman Buried 11 Years Ago Resurfaces, Family Puzzled.
He did not believe this until her relatives came to his Church and confirmed that this was the person they buried over a decade ago.

“I was surprised but due to the power of God continued to pray for Kobusinge and I am only waiting for the relatives to come and pick her,” said Sewante.

News of the resurfacing of Kobusinge spread like wild fire and hundreds of people started flocking to the church to see this miraculous person.

Femia Kamaransamba, 54, mother to Kobusingye told New Vision that her late daughter identified as Apolonia Kobusinge alias Omuhereza died in 2004 after she was involved in a road accident at Nyamugura on the Kibaale-Kagadi Road when they were returning from a Owobusobozi Bisaka function.

Kamaransamba said that they were informed that their daughter had died in the accident and arrangements were made to pick the body for burial.

“I was told that my daughter had perished in a road accident and we mourned her death and buried her the following day,” said Kamaransamba.

She said that Kobusinge was buried on the 17th February 2004 but events that occurred at her burial left many questions unanswered.

Stella Katuhaise an aunt of Kobusinge told New Vision that when the body was brought home a very strong wind suddenly came causing havoc among the mourners.

Katuhaise said that even at the day of burial another strong wind hit the area.

“We kept asking ourselves why such a strong wind had suddenly come at that time when the weather was very calm,” said Katuhaise.

She said that they checked the body and it was of Kobusinge but it had no bruises and it looked fresh until it was buried.

But Katuhaise says a neighbour who was passing by the grave discovered that it had caved in and relatives resolved to refill it but kept quiet about the entire episode.

She said that since then they had forgotten all about Kobusinge until they heard that she was in Kibaale district yet they had buried her.

Katuhaise said that after hearing rumours about sightings of Kobusinge in Kibaale, she together with the Kobusingye’s mother rushed to Kabasekende to establish the truth.

She said they were stunned when they saw Kobusinge and critical examination before they concluded that she was the exact person they had buried a decade ago.

“Before her death she had a scar on the upper lip and one toe had a faulty nail and everything was the same after examining her,” Katuhaise said.

Omuhereza Asiimwe Zahura who studied with Kobusinge at Karuguuza Progressive Secondary School said she was positive that it was the person she had studied with and had reportedly died in a road accident.

Kobusinge’s father identified as Omuhereza Kanagwa Ajuna could not confirm or deny that the person being talked was indeed her daughter.

“I will handle the matter carefully because I do not want to rush and make mistakes,” said Kanagwa.

He said that Kobusinge died in a motor accident and was buried and wondered how she could be sighted after 11 years.

But Kanagwa said that he will first consult his god ‘Owobusobozi Bisaka’ on the issue before doing anything.

Elivason Kacope, the Nkakwa village chairman in Hapuyo Sub County, Kyegegwa district said he led the burial programme and is equally shocked at the development.

“This girl died and we buried her so when she appears after 11 years it surprises me,” said Kacope.

Currently Kobusinge remains at Kabasekende Church as police continues with investigations into the matter.

Police in Kibaale district said they will carry out a DNA test on her to establish whether she is the same woman who was buried in 2004.

“We decided to carry out a DNA test to get facts whether this is the real person buried some 11 years back,” the Kibaale district police commander Patrick Ewan said.

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