Ways To Know If Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping

Relationships are some of the most beautiful parts of life. Whether they are romantic or just friendly, relating with other people is one of the best experiences that life has to offer. Within relationships, as in all the other things, change is inevitable.

I am certain that everyone had his/her fair share in terms of choosing, breaking up and ending relationships. Above this seemingly natural phenomenon, do you ever wonder what is present in few relationships that make them last longer, or should I say, forever? The answers are here. I have come up with ten (10) good feels that will help you determine if your relationship is worth keeping. Be sure to read everything by heart, because one point might override all the other points.
Ways To Know If Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping
1. You can be yourself when you’re with them. They give you the feeling of being free even with so many considerations around. They make you feel you are more than okay being yourself, and gives you ability to appreciate yourself too. With them you can be careless, with the assurance that you are being taken cared of.
2. You don’t keep secrets from each other. Experience have taught us not to give everything out; that we should keep some things to ourselves, because maybe, just maybe, they will not be safe in someone else’s. But with the right person, you will learn that “secrets” doesn’t need to exist; that it won’t matter if he/she knows, because, sooner or later, he/she has got to live with it.

3. You’re level of care for each other is unbeatable. You defend each other like siblings; you take care of each other like parents; you practically beat each other like UFC fighters but at the end of the day, no one will ever beat the way you mend each other’s wounds. You can’t go on a minute not checking if the other’s okay. Some people will find it cheesy to gross, but it won’t matter.

4. You love even their most unlovely side. I know it is easier said than done, but in your ride as a couple, you have seen the good in them even at their worst; you have seen them as ever beautiful even in bad hair days; you have loved them even when they are unlovely. You both learned to look at the brighter sides of each situation and stayed beside each other.

5. You lift up each other. There will always be those hard times when one or both of you will get the worst feels and just become so down. But you both know better and choose to uplift each other’s feelings instead.

6. You have a relationship ritual. Whether or not you’ve been together for a short or long period of time, you have developed some rituals or drills, that only the two of you share. For example; you know what a pinch or a blink says; you have this protocol on the do’s and don’ts when away from each other; you have a handshake or some other things like that.

7. You keep no record of wrong. This may sound absurd but, you do; YOU KEEP NO RECORD OF WRONG. Both of you have reached a point in your relationship where the good things overwrite the bad ones. And it’s great, because you don’t burden yourselves of living under the shadows of your mistake and just move on to a better place.

8. Your partner is you favorite person. We all love our family, but there are some things we just can’t deny; FAVORITISM. This is not unfair to your family. This just goes to show how much and well you have appreciated and blended with your partner. You run into them first, carrying whatever feels you have. You look forward to spending times with them and make more good memories.

9. You still get butterflies. There will always be some things that doesn’t change in time; LOVE and the butterflies in your stomach every time you see them are proofs. After all the the while you’ve been with them, you still get head over heels and get the same magical feeling you had the first time you set eyes on them.

10. You partner is the extension of your human experience. This is not an exaggeration. You have learned to live your life with them. They have become part of a system; YOUR SYSTEM. The phrase “you are the missing piece” is true. You have fully solved your jigsaw the moment they came and all the other things fell in perfectly. You start planning long term goals; go on a lot of adventures; try some new things, of course, with them by your side. You two have become a package; wherever one goes, the other is there too.
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