Teen Pranks Mother With Fake Kidnapping

We’ve all done it. Made a joke that seemed harmless, but realized quickly that the prankee took it way too seriously.
Teen Pranks Mother With Fake Kidnapping
That is precisely what happened to Lily Sharp when she used her own phone to fake a kidnapping and ransom demand. Over a series of text messages, Lily told her own mother that she had just let a decorator into their home. When her mom replied stating that she had not called a decorator and not to let anyone in the house, Lily pretended to be a kidnapper named Victor. Using Lily’s phone, “Victor” told Lily’s mother that she would need to pay him 4,000 British pounds (nearly 6,000 U.S. dollars) to get her daughter back.

As any terrified parent would do, Lily’s mom immediately called a neighborhood friend and the police, obviously not realizing that it was all a joke. Lily quickly dropped the “Victor” persona, switched back to texting as herself and confessed, sending her mother a photo of herself at home, perfectly fine, and reassuring her mom that nothing had happened. Mom, of course, did not take it well at all, texting back “Do not call me back” and “You stupid fucking idiot”.

Wonder how things went down when mom finally got home.

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