Jealous boyfriend taught a lesson!

THE 25-year-old woman was cleaning her shack when she made a shocking discovery. Inside a Coke bottle were her panties with needles stuck in them!

When she demanded an answer from her 35-year-old boyfriend of four years, he told her he did it to make sure she didn’t sleep around.

But if he thought this was acceptable, he’d made a terrible mistake.
A woman beats the hell out of a man who put needles in her sister’s panties and stuffed them into a Coke bottle.      Photo by Golden Mtika
He found himself surrounded by women who wanted to teach him a lesson.

Some even spoke of necklacing him.

When the woman’s sisters arrived earlier this week at the shack in Diepsloot extension 1, north of Joburg the man learnt a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.

The People’s Paper was there to take pictures when one of the angry sisters started hitting the man over and over with a big stick.

He said: “In my church I was told I can do these things so my woman can only be mine. Any man sleeping with her will get stuck in there.”

In the meantime, the bottle with the underwear and the needles had disappeared. The man claimed he burned it and said it would no longer harm the woman because she had seen it.

The girlfriend said she often felt ill and blamed it on the traditional medication the man used on her.
A surgeon at the Medforum Hospital in Pretoria City Central measures the wound on the tongue of Atuswomuhle Jiyane (1). A woman beats the hell out a man who had stuck needles in her sister's underwear and stuffed it into a Coke bottle so that other men would get.
Another angry woman said the man did it because he was ugly.

After the woman was convinced to stop hitting the man, the girlfriend took her possessions and left.

The boyfriend has been told to get out and stay away for good. Daily Sun

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