BOITY DUMPS MANAGER! And loses her ride and some big deals.

SEXY Boity Thulo has parted ways with Mzansi’swell-known business manager, Vusi Leeuw. But she was left with egg on her face. This after her luxurious Jeep 4x4 was taken back by sponsors.

Sunday Sun understands that after the parting of ways, Boity called sponsors to introduce her new management, but was given the middle finger as she got the car through Vusi’s contacts at the dealership.

Insiders claimed things started going wrong for Boity after she got “engaged” to the married comedian, Eugene Khoza.

This week it has emerged that the Rockville star is apparently blaming Vusi, owner of VL Consulting, for her less-than-pleasant financial situation.
BOITY DUMPS MANAGER! And loses her ride and some big deals.
“Boity’s angry and told her friends Vusi was the cause of her downfall. She said Vusi sold her dreams. She even lost her ride and is now driving her old jalopy again,” claimed a friend.

But Boity is barking up the wrong tree, as other sources claim she should blame her new man, Eugene.

“Boity shot herself in the foot by walking away from Vusi. He was working hard to push her brand, but Eugene influenced her to walk away.

“After she had walked away from Vusi, she demanded all the contracts and invoices she had gotten through VL Consulting and Vusi gave her everything,” claimed one friend.

Sunday Sun has established that Boity was on the verge of going to New York in the US this year to study film at the world-acclaimed Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute, which had nurtured the talent of Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

Boity’s friend also claimed she was supposed to have auditioned for Generations: The Legacy, but didn’t.

Vusi told Sunday Sun: “She left my company after citing she had personalmatters toattend to, so we had to part ways.

“I’ve never messed up my clients and my record speaks for itself, so the allegations are not true.

“Yes, the Jeep matter I canconfirm,” he said.

Vusi didn’t reveal many details about his businessdealings with Boity, but Sunday Sun saw correspondence with various big companies.

When contacted this week, Boity referred the SunTeam to her new manager, Nicole Pettitt.

Nicole said: “It doesn’t sound like a nice article to me. In fact, it sounds like rubbish, so no comment.”

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