‘You are too much in bed’, Pastor dumped by wife.

It would appear getting a man with all the ‘fireworks’ in the bedroom isn’t every woman’s dream as a heavily pregnant Bulawayo woman stunned the court when she begged the magistrate to dissolve her union with her Pastor husband claiming s*x with him was ‘too much to bear’ as she was always experiencing excruciating pains during and after the act.

Susana Mumpande (32) a nurse, said instead of enjoying her conjugal rights with hubby Jared Mumpande(33), a chaplain with the Zimbabwe Republic Police, it turns out to be something else, apparently because of his s*xual aerobics.
‘You are too much in bed’, Pastor dumped by wife.
Susan who got married to Jared following the breakdown of her first marriage, said her second union was not to be simply because of her husband’s bedroom tactics.

Susan made the bizarre request after the Magistrate had asked her if she was wiling to go for counselling to resolve conflicts with her husband and improve their relationship.

That is when Susan refused, saying she was fed up of the bedroom ‘game’.

The Magistrate’s suggestion came after Susan claimed that her husband who is based in Gwanda was also verbally and physically abusing her.

“Jared has been verbally, physically and sexually abusing me since we got married. I was forced to leave our matrimonial home as a result of the abuses. The abuse has been so difficult for me especially taking into consideration the fact that I am heavily pregnant,” she told the court.

Although Jared disputed some of his wife’s claims, he did not deny giving her a ‘torrid’ time whenever they made love. He stressed however that his in-laws were the source of their marital problems as they were refusing to bless their marriage simply because he was from Binga.

“Her parents did not want her to stay with em saying I am from Binga. Whenever I send her messages, I will be asking her to come ad stay with me in Gwanda where I am based bus she is refusing opting to stay with her [parents despite the fact that we are legally married,” he lamented.

The Magistrate, who was apparently left with no option, barred Jared from the alleged abuses and ordered the two parties to approach the right court for initialisation of divorce proceedings.

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