Sex starved soldier tells Magistrate to draft a roster.

A BULAWAYO-BASED soldier who was ordered not to physically and sexually abuse his estranged wife pulled a shocker when he asked the magistrate to draft a roster with the number of days he can meet with his wife for sex.

Gordon Ncube, stationed at Imbizo Barracks’ request came after his estranged wife, Thandolwenkosi Nyathi Ncube, begged the presiding magistrate, Evylene Mashavakure, to bar him from coming to her house claiming he was abusing her.

Sex starved soldier tells Magistrate to draft a roster.
“Your Worship since you ordered me not to go to her place of residence what am I going to do when I want to have sex? I am a man who desires to be touched by my wife, can’t you come up with other means so that we can meet when I want to have sex with her since our marriage still subsists,” said Gordon sparking an uncontrollable laughter in court.

He further said: “I do not believe that the alleged abuse she is levelling against me is the reason why I should not come to her new lodgings. I suspect that she is now staying with another man and does not want me to visit her since I would discover that she is now dating another man despite the fact that our union still subsists.”

Thandolwenkosi on the other hand claimed that Gordon physically abused her on several occasions.

“I am married to Gordon under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 and the union still subsist although we are on separation. Gordon has gone violent and is beating me on several occasions saying I should file for divorce.

“Apart from that he is also in the habit of forcing me to have sex with him. At one time he put some unknown tablets in my food in a bid to arouse my feelings and as a result of his abusive behaviour I do not want him to come to my place of residence,” she said.

In her judgement which, however, did not go down well with Gordon, the magistrate ordered him not to physically, sexually abuse Thandolwenkosi. He was also ordered not to go to her place of residence.

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