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‘Gogo keeps a zombie in her wardrobe’

DID the thirty-four-year-old woman die in February? Or did an evil gogo turn her into a zombie and keep her in a wardrobe?! This is the rumour plaguing a family in Matsheketsheni Village, near Port Shepstone.

“The granddaughter of the gogo told us she’d seen the woman as a zombie in her gogo’s wardrobe. She said her gogo had changed her into a zombie because she was jealous,” said one of the neighbours.
‘Gogo keeps a zombie in her wardrobe’
Residents worried that the granddaughter was crazy and called social workers to check her out.

“They said there was nothing wrong with her mind. She repeated her story that she’d seen the woman in her gogo’s wardrobe,” said a community leader.

Scared that evil was loose in the village, on Friday the community asked the gogo what was going on.

But instead of answering their questions about a zombie in her wardrobe, the gogo sprinkled muthi all over her yard and on the residents.

“She told us to voetsek. She screamed at us that we must come and check for ourselves, but we were afraid she’d turn us into zombies or give us bad luck,” said the community leader.

Later, angry residents returned with petrol bombs and threatened to blast the gogo’s home. Luckily the gogo’s daughter persuaded them not to, explaining that the gogo had taken the zombie to another village.

“Cops have been protecting the gogo’s home since Friday because residents are too angry,” said the leader.

The family declined to comment.

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