At 19 he took a life, in a South African prison he saved one

Andre Bashford was sentenced to indefinite imprisonment 20 years ago, after being found to be a dangerous criminal. It has now emerged that he saved the life of a prison guard by disarming another prisoner, according to a report submitted to the high court asking it to reconsider his sentence The Citizen reported.
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A psychologist also testified that his imprisonment and relationship with his daughters has brought about a lot of positive changes.

Because of this his sentence has been converted to three years correctional supervision by Acting Pretoria High Court Judge TP Mudau.

During his trial, Bashford confessed to killing Petrus Pelser, 67, of Vanderbijlpark in 1992 by crushing his skull with knobkerries and an iron pipe, and stabbing him numerous times.

He would have gotten the death penalty - except the judge sympathised with his youth and troubled background.

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