Prophet Makandiwa and Prophet Angel: The Ghana Inquest

By Salvation Press News (SPN)
Once upon a time, it was the age of ‘miracle money’; an era that left many believers ‘smiling all the way to the church.’

Devotees swelled to weekly in anticipation of free pickings from the church. It was good as it lasted. Those that benefited have varying magnitudes of testimonies.

It was not over yet. Soon, many braved for forthcoming ‘revelations’ from the Ghanaian citadel of Accra. This is where Prophet Makandiwa’s spiritual father originates from.

As events unfolded, some spiritual figures domiciled in Ghana were claiming that they would soon descend on Zimbabwean soil in a bid to unveil the felonies that the popular prophet had committed. In fact, they claimed that he was a ‘fake siphoning people’s resources, time and manipulating the name of God in vain’.

Many whetted their reading eyes and inquisitive appetites for breaking news. Prisoners in local jails could have even anticipated another ‘prophet’ would join their ranks after the exposure. They could rejoice being joined by another ‘servant’ in the confinements. We waited. And waited. Nothing materialised. That was then. And now.
Prophet Makandiwa and Urbert Angel: The Ghana Inquest
Since then these people had not arrived in Zimbabwe. And the prophet is still doing his job, grace. At one instance, the man of God challenged the would-be inquest plotters to come and expose him as they had claimed. Until the writing of this article, these gentlemen are still yet to feature near Harare’s proximity.

The beef with the man could be explained as: why did Prophet Makandiwa choose to associate with Boateng? Why have a Ghanaian spiritual father when Zimbabwe is blessed with man of God with similar attributes. But as the questions linger on, the very idea of free association and worship often arises. This is a free country, so why question the prophet’s free worship.

Contrary, the prophet was raised in `a local church. He gained his fame through the local congregations. So, when did he associate with a Ghanaian and chose to skip local anointing? Though this question can be fully responded by him, his detractors still have a bone to chew, as long as the man is still associated with an imported father.

But for a sober believer, there was something fishy brewing in the background. Somewhere in Accra, sober observers could sense a nerve of jealousy that was loaded in this statement. Popular belief reveals that the two respective prophets were becoming everyday language for the majority of Christians in Zimbabwe.

By then, the two were inseparable. Their following was gathering momentum with each passing day. The duo contemplated each other in many respects. Until the Ghana ‘revelation’ broke. It is common belief that when a man rises, his challenges also multiply. In the case of the two prophets, comments originated from various denominations.

Even those that harboured personal vendettas started spewing vitriol towards the two. But along the way came supporters who stood with the men of cloth. Even the prophet challenged them to come and prove their case. Their no show has two conclusive assumptions: either they have nothing to prove. Or they are still gathering more evidence to prove their case. – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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