Where is the evidence that Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa gives to the poor?

QUESTION :- Hello admin, why do we only hear from those that are in ufic about donations that Mai Makandiwa does to the needy but we haven't heard anything outside ufic and it's members. It becomes difficult to believe and you can't really blame me for that. Where is the evidence?

ANSWER:- Thank you very much Farai Ngoshi for a very good question.

The major problem we have as Zimbabweans is our media only reports stories that give them business,sorry I ran direct to the papers because that's the communication medium that most have access to.
The papers want headlines like 'Makandiwa buys a car' or 'Makandiwa swallowed by so and so political party'.They are not very interested in positive news because it doesn't sell.

Now the problem at the end is you and me,we buy the paper when Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has a headline that looks negetive,we are the ones that then give an indirect feedback to the media houses that negative sells.So at the end of the day it's you and me who are blocking the good news about Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

I won't blame the papers 100% for not writing what Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa is doing for the community because they are doing business and their primary goal is to make money,not to give testimonies for a Pastor somewhere.
Where is the evidence that Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa  gives to the poor?

Now Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa is :-
(a) Looking after orphans
(b) Looking after widows
(c) Looking after the elderly
(d) Drilling boreholes 4 those in dry areas.
(e) Stocking groceries 4 children's homes.
(f) Building more children's homes.
(g) Building hospitals
(h) Building schools
(I) Building houses for the needy.
(j) Paying rentals for the needy.
(k) Buildings house 4 government leaders.
(l) Taking care of the needs for female prisoners.

The list is endless,and note that the number of people benefiting is into thousands of them.
The charity organisation that is doing this is called AGAPE and it's Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa's baby.She is a mother to many and cares a lot about people.

You must watch Christtv for testimonies of the help given by our mother,that's the only platform that you will sure get the information or evidence you require because it's a UFIC tv channel.

Thank you

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