Top Things To-Dos To Get That Dream Wedding You Have Always Wanted

Your wedding is a personal affair. It starts from the heart, it touches your heart.

Zimbabwe wedding planning tips- By no means this does not mean it doesn’t involve loved ones, friends and family. It does but always the central persons are the two of you. Make it what you want it to be. I expressed my thoughts concerning other people who try to make your wedding something else other than what it should be in this post.

But then having said what i have just said about the wedding being yours, being personal and being a hearty matter; there are few things i have identified to be most important in my own opinion that are absolutes if you are to ever get closer to that dream wedding. I call them Top 5 Dos To Get That Dream Wedding You Have Always Wanted.

I will attempt to put everything in order of priority in terms of approach. Remember this is no order of importance because i consider all 5 items to be extremely important. As a disclaimer this does not in anyway take away from other necessary chores and actions you will need to take concerning your wedding.

It all starts with planning things in advance
Your wedding planning typically should start at least a full year before. In fact some start brainstorming some two years earlier. This is outside the day dreaming that perhaps begins early out in primary school. Looks like everyone is obsessed with weddings! Late planning will set-out a negative domino effect that you might fail to arrest. It affects what venue you get, how much you save/fund-raise for your wedding and so on. Anything hurried has great danger of error.
Top Things To-Dos To Get That Dream Wedding You Have Always Wanted
Time is really important. We all need ample time to plan to bring out anything great and meaningful. A great wedding cake for example will take no less than six months. This is the type of cake that is matured and can wait for your kids to arrive. Plan in advance!

It is followed by the venue and by two other key things
What can you do without a venue, nothing. Having a poor venue is as bad as having no venue at all. Everything could be said to raise and fall on your venue. You might do your decor the best way you know how but if the venue is fundamentally flawed, ummm… expect the worst…no dream wedding.

What follows your venue is decor and catering. A good, brilliant venue with a good decor can explode the environment. It just changes things and fills the environment with a certain atmosphere. This means a strong venue and a strong decor creates something very close to a dream wedding. Your catering is essentially the icing on the entire cake. Make people eat good. See how Sarudzai regrets the basic rice and chicken approach. Things can really take a dip here. You will only keep flying if the food is great and nobody goes home with an excruciating tummy ache! Your catering service provider is therefore an important consideration.

Find service provider reviews

The Zimbabwe wedding services market is getting jam packed with all sorts of service providers. Can you sift through the chaff? When you see service ads do you rate them all equal? Of course not, they are not all equal. In fact i think we have many more poor ones than the real thing. What is the real thing? The real thing is professional, dependable, reliable, experienced and has great customer service to mention but a few signals. Try and sift away the poor ones by getting reviews from friends, workmates etc who have used them before. See their product/service first. Get to know them and get yourself comfortable and happy with them. See my post on SCAM ALERT.

A good place to start is here on this website. Look around the market and make sure to do the next point.

Attend industry events
If you are serious about your wedding and your goal is to get the same type of wedding we are talking about here, then you need to attend at least a single relevant event in the bridal sector throughout your planning phase. I also wrote an article on getting deals through attending industry events. We realized the importance of knowing about events in the industry hence we created this events page.

At industry events you have one on one relationships with service providers. We are humans we thrive on relationships. Relationships are everything. Remember you are planning to wed because of a relationship. Do you see how important it is to relate? That will work wonders for you with different service providers. By the way these events only cost between $1.00 to $5.00 at the gate to attend!

Last but not least – settle for a reasonable budget
We all want to save and cut costs. That’s fair and fine. However things can start getting unreasonable and outright damaging when our main drive is to cut on costs. Remember, naturally a wedding costs money. That’s why you need to start saving/fundraising well in advance. There is no dream wedding on earth based on a shoestring budget, that’s a get-by wedding.

A good reasonable budget will place you a step closer to a dream wedding. Balance your guest numbers. This is yet another point of contention. Much money is sunk into taking care of guests. Being reasonable with the guest list will put less pressure on your overall budget. It lightens the burden on everyone.

So that’s it, that’s my Top 5 Things To Do to get many steps closer to a dream wedding.


Zimbabwe wedding planning tips: Zim Bridal

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