Too educated for marriage?

I have been going round and round in circles from one prophet to another hoping that they would pray for me to get married well but nothing has come up. I am 30 years old and very educated. I recently graduated with my Masters Degree and my parents have often asked whether I have a serious boyfriend.

Apparently they fear I will get too educated and find no man to marry me. I have told myself I will not be put under any pressure to get married by anyone - but sometimes it gets to me. I have never had any serious relationship because a lot of guys find me rather boring – and I was usually busy when they wanted to go out with me. Am I too old now? - Lilly

Too educated for marriage?
Dear Lilly
There is nothing like getting too old for marriage. You are God’s creation and he has plans for you. You are very focused and if the men you dated did not respect that about you when you were studying, it is certainly not your fault. Don’t allow yourself to be put under pressure for marriage by anyone. You know what you want in life and as long as you pray about it God knows and he will bless you accordingly.

You need not go around chasing prophets for a prayer to bring you Mr Right, you can pray on your own and while he is on his way, let him find you focused and doing things to better your life. Marriage is not something that you can set a target that by this year I should be married.

With your education I am sure you are someone who is able to understand me when I say marriage is not an achievement for women as societal expectations wants to put it for women. You are a strong woman who is successful and marriage should be there because you want it, because you want someone to spend your life with and not necessarily to please anyone else. The Zimbabwean

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