This was my experience

She gasped as he suddenly pushed her against the chair and covered her lips with his. Her blue, one-piece night dress rode up her thighs as she raised a leg and twined it around his waist. He could feel the heat of her pussy against his bare leg; she wasn't wearing any panties. He slipped his hand under her dress and caressed her nipples. They were hard as rock and so was he.

He had her pressed hard against the chair, his hot hairy body pressing against every inch of her. His tongue was in her mouth, tasting the warm sweetness within; and hers massaged it wild ferocity and surprising expertise. Her hands were in his hair, the fingers twisted around the thick locks.

"Get down. Play with my cock." he said as he pulled her off the chair and sat down in it, himself. She was unwilling to let go of his mouth, but the idea of something tastier was appealing. She untangled her fingers from his hair and got down on her knees in front of him.

His dick made a tent in his boxers, and for a moment she hesitated. But only for a moment. Using her teeth to notch up the kinkiness factor, she pulled down his pants. His hard, seven inch long cock shot out like a spring and hit the side of her cheek. She stared at it in wonder, as if looking at a divine creation.

"Go on, it won't bite." he said watching her look at it warily.
this was my experience
She smiled and gave him a foxy look from under long eyebrows. "And if it does?"

He leaned down then, and cupping one cheek with his hand, whispered in her ear, his voice silky soft, "You can bite back."

She laughed her silvery laugh and shook her hair out of her face, "I'm not so brutal."

But she wasn’t gonna go so easy on him. She wanted to prolong the moment, tease him a bit more. She kissed the tip then pulled her face away and gently massaged it with her hands. Very slowly, she started licking up the length of his cock, from the balls to the tip.

"Oh, fuck! Take it in already, bitch."

She didn't pay any attention, just kept licking the balls, the tip of his shaft and the area between his thighs. Her motions were practiced, meant to stimulate the extra sensitive nerves of his groin, and excite him to further heights. He was starting to writhe, burning with desire to have her mouth around his cock.

"I'm gonna make you pay for this."
She laughed again, "What will you do? Spank me."

"You'll see."

"I might just enjoy it."

He moaned in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking on it like a Popsicle. Then, gradually, took it all in. The feeling of her warm, moist mouth, lovingly pulling on his cock, drove him wild. He grabbed her hair- she had nice, long, thick, wavy hair- and pushed his cock in further. She made some low gagging sounds, but didn't pull back. Slowly, he started moving her face in and out of his crotch, fucking her mouth.

She mumbled something vague, the vibrations from her voice box traveling to her mouth, doing wonderful things to his cock.

"What’s that?" he was breathing hard and his voice came in pants.

She mumbled again, her words more unintelligible than before, but didn’t take his shaft out.

"Hold on." He pulled his cock out of her mouth and laughed as her lips grabbed it tight, unwilling to let go. He gently pried them off and then raised her face to his.

"What were you saying?"

She was breathing harder than he was, her eyes shining with delight and lust. "I said, it's just so damn big."

For a moment, he just looked at her, staring into her eyes. Then, without any warning, he pulled her up and sat her on his lap. She kissed him, fierce and hard, as he pulled her dress over her head and threw it into a corner. They were both buck naked, staring at each other like starving beasts.

"I can feel your cock beneath my thigh." she said, staring into his lustful eyes.

"You'll be feeling it in may places, soon enough."

He started kissing her again, first on her mouth, then moving downwards. He kissed her neck, sucking hard on her skin and leaving more than one hicky; he kissed her shoulders, his tongue running over the curve of her collar bone. He pulled her closer to his body, and took one breast into his mouth, his tongue running in circles around her nipple. One of his hands was at her ass, holding the cheeks tightly and holding her in place, while the other grabbed her other breast and started rolling the nipple between his fingers.

She screamed as he bit her nipple, bit it hard. He took it out and gave the same pro service to the other one. She was quivering in his arms by then, and her pussy dripped hot juices on his leg.

"Your body's so hot. And your dick is so hard." she moaned, "Put it in, please put in. I want you inside me. Fuck me, for god's sake!"

He got up, holding her in his arms, and dropped her on the bed.

"Spread your legs," he commanded.

She obliged, exposing her dripping wet pussy, hairy and emanating the most inviting aroma. He got down between her thighs and licked upwards along the sides of her vagina. Then, using two fingers, he spread them wide, and stared at her hot throbbing clit. He touched it with the tip of his tongue, and felt a shock go through her body. He touched it again, and then flicked it up and down with his tongue. Her body jolted with each contact between tongue and clit, and finally, when he took it in his mouth and bit down gently, she screamed like a tigress.

"Fuck me," she screamed, "Please fuck me."

"Not so easy bitch." He took her clit in her mouth and rolled it between his lips- it’s payback time.

"Oh God, please."

“You’re not getting off that easy. I told you I’d make you pay.” He put her clit between his lips, and rolled it around between his lips. Putting two fingers inside her pussy, he rubbed upwards at the G-Spot, making her buck upwards. He bit down on her clit again, harder than before, and felt her almost spring off the bed.

“Oh God! I can’t take it anymore. Just fuck me!”

"Say, 'Fuck me, Master.'"

"Fuck me- fuck me, Master."

"'I'll be a good little bitch.'"

"I'll be a good little bitch. Please fuck me, Master."

"That's my bitch."

He sat up straight- his cock aimed at his target- and plunged it in.

"Oh! God!" she moaned as she felt his manhood penetrate the core of her being.

He pulled it out slightly and thrust in harder, deeper.

"You're so tight, baby. You need to be fucked more often."

"Yes, Master."

He started thrusting, his hips getting into rhythm, each thrust harder and faster than the one before. They both moaned as the pleasure built in their system. He buried his face between her breasts and his hands in her hair. She held him tight with both hands, her nails raking down his back, leaving light pink furrows. But the pain of the scratches was forgotten in the stormy pleasure of their mating.

He stopped for a moment, to take a breath, but she would have none of it, and pulled his hip back towards her, starting to move her own to the rhythm of his. His lips were at her breasts again, sucking deeply on them; his hands were holding her down.

She screamed as she came, her body shaking and shivering, held down only by the weight of his. And in moments, just as her first o subsided, and the second one approached, his own balls tightened, and his dick shot a thick wad of rich hot cum deep into her womb.

"Oh fucking, God!" he moaned, slumping down exhausted on top of her.

"That was great, Master."

"I know."

Soon, both were sound asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

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