Teaching: Remember your parents

Scripture: Genesis 44:22

22 And we said to my lord, ‘The lad cannot leave his father, forif he should leave his father, his father would die.’
In your life there is someone called a parent. It is because of that person that you are here today. There are blessings that come from a parent and others come from a Prophet. You must not forget about that person always remember him. Rebecca received a blessing of multiplication from her mother and so it happened. Some of the blessings they come from the word a parent speaks. If a parent speaks a blessing in your life the blessing will definitely follow you and the same applies to a curse.

Some of you here you do not have proper relationship with your parents but you call yourself a Christian. Most of your parent’s prayer request is for you to remember them. Try to find a way that can attract a blessing from your parents such that your life will change after receiving such a blessing. You are now calling them with different names to an extent of even calling them witch. If they were like that do you think you were supposed to be here or they might have killed you before?
 Teaching: Remember your parents
Whom do you want to take care of them for you? You have many houses and cars in town but your parents do not have a proper house in the rural area. When they pay you a visit you will be asking them when they will be going back. They had sleepless nights when you were a child but right now if they pay you a visit you will just decide to go and sleep without seeing them claiming that you are tired and you will see them the following morning. The following morning you will just see them for few minutes and rush to work meaning you job is now more important than them. Forgetting that for you to be where you are right now it is because of them. Do not tell me you are now too busy for your parents.

Some of the curses you are having now it is because you have abandoned your parents. Every time you will be moody on them. Just ask yourself on how much you are spending a month and how much you are spending on your parents. How are you surviving and how are your parents surviving? The way you are treating your parents is attracting a curse every day in your life. Some of you if you see your parent dressed poorly instead of assisting them you will start to laugh at them.

Some of you are even reaching a point of sending their parents to old people’s homes. Paying those organizations to take care of them whilst you are still alive. Who is going to tell them that they are so important and that you love them? Even if they are dead go to that person who had raised you and tell him or her that you love that person because he raised you.

Jacob called his children to come and collect their blessings and they all gathered. He spoke a word giving each a prophecy. He said Joseph is a fruitful vine whose branches will climb over the wall meaning he is going to overcome every situation he will come across. The vine takes advantage of the obstacle. When they threw him into a pit they didn’t know that they are creating his first step for him to prosper forever.

Potiphar and his wife didn’t know that the moment they are creating a rape charge in front of him it was also a stepping stone in his life. They threw him into a prison because they were not aware of the word his father Jacob had said in his life. Your enemies might have a mentality that if they push you away that will bring a problem but they don’t know that they will be pushing you closer to your testimony. The bigger the problem in your life means the bigger the testimony.

Some of you are living a poor life just because someone has said a word but today I have come with a new word as a Father to cancel all those words of curse. I am looking for a child who must remember these words that I am a climbing vine each time you face a problem. When people saw David fighting Goliath they thought he was going to be defeated because they were not aware that the bigger the situation the bigger the testimony.

As Christians, everything happens for good. When you get home and see your landlord telling you to move away of his apartment just jump and rejoice knowing that he is pushing you to your own house. The difference between a climber and other trees is that it doesn’t have any obstacle in front of it than others.

That husband who had left you will be surprised seeing you prospering in your life. You will become rich in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Each time you face a problem the Lord will give you wisdom to overcome that situation. I give you the Anointing to escape every situation that you might face in your life. When they think you are finished just surprise them by starting from there. I speak the same power that Joseph was given to follow you right now. Even if you were cursed I speak a blessing to follow you right now. Where there is a curse I speak a blessing in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We give God Almighty all the glory.

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