Sermon: Wisdom with Prophet W. Magaya Continued

Scripture: Proverbs.1:7 [NKJV]

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Reference scripture: Proverbs.8:11[NKJV]

For wisdom is better than rubies,
And all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.

On the second scripture wisdom is described as her because of the sense of production it has. Wisdom has the power to multiply once you have it. Wisdom is the right application of knowledge being very careful of time, place and situation.

Wisdom is given unto us by God to solve problems and address life’s situations. Wisdom is not limited to age it applies to all. Sometimes when you go through situations you become better and you can make better decisions, experience is the best teacher. For you to succeed you have to know that you are a wisdom being and the wisdom of God should solve problems for you. Every new day that comes your way is another opportunity to show case the wisdom of God and that wisdom cannot be compared with anything.

Women are not married because of their beauty but the wisdom they have to attract marriage. At times you might be at a party but it might not be the right platform to show off your dancing skills. You have to consider your status versus those around you and the after effects of your actions. People might not want to associate with you after such an occasion because of the way you would have carried yourself.

You might even visit a company being a boss at your own company but wisdom says you cannot be the boss everywhere. Your language and the way you carry yourself should carry a lot of humility so that you can be accommodated there. The moment you display pride you would have lost business. Your knowledge or power is meaningless in someone else’s office you have to be humble. Difficult as it may be you should learn respect the fact that you will be in someone else’s house and they are the boss there not you.

The way you react or act pushes away people who can assist you. The way you carry yourself is very vital to the point that you should even watch how you chew because it might affect the next person. You should always strive to cover all your weaknesses. If your problem is bad odor you should know how to cover that up to the point that it doesn’t affect the next person. Lack of wisdom closes doors for you and the doors will remain closed up and until you have addressed your weaknesses.
Sermon: Wisdom with Prophet W. Magaya Continued
What are your weaknesses?
Where are you lacking wisdom?

You need to address your weaknesses so that you do not offend other people lest they block you out of their lives over things you could have avoided simply by applying wisdom. When you are in Rome you have to do what the Romans do whether or not you like it. It is not always about you but about them. You should learn to understand people before you deal with them. This will enable you to know what to say, who to say it to and how to say it.

Every area and situation has its own approach and wisdom should tell you how to approach different situations. One challenge life presents is marriage, you have to understand that you are different from your partner. You will move from one marriage to the next 20 times in search of non-existent things. You need the wisdom to handle the partner you have. A man who lacks wisdom beats up his wife. People believe that woman should be beaten up to remind them of their position in the home but the teaching is wrong it is not necessary all you require is wisdom not violence. You might be in lack but you should use the wisdom to make your wife understand the state you will be in at the time and not complain about it.

You might not have money but you need to give your wife hope. The moment she realizes that you are lacking wisdom she leaves you. Marriages and relationships are created by wisdom. You should know how to respond to a bad situation with a lot of wisdom and turn it into a lighter situation than it really is. Every situation has an answer and all you need is to know how to address it and what you require is wisdom.

High profile people go for grooming lessons because even the way one laughs is important it portrays a certain picture of you to the next person. Pastors you ought to be very careful of your every move because your actions and reactions preach to your congregants and affects them in a way or another.

Never look down upon yourself learn to value yourself despite your situation. Marriages have been destroyed by the mere fact that people confuse sex for love. When in actual fact sex is a celebration of love. Before a woman sleeps with a man he will be deeply in love with her but the moment he sleeps with her she loses value and he has no time for her.

In a marriage set up a man might end up preferring a prostitute or small house to his own wife because the prostitute carries a lot of wisdom and knows how to treat him better than his wife does hence he keeps going back there. Men have an ego to protect and tend to go where they are respected most. Sex life can be likened to a person employed by a certain company they think the other companies pay better when in actual fact the difference is in how the companies package salaries. In your marital life you should learn to satisfy your husband or wife. Your partner should be satisfied with what you have to offer. The solution of everything is wisdom despite the environment.

What you should do when you get to a place is you need to understand the environment you are about to enter and create a relationship because relationships are more important than money. Relationships are not about money. You might be given money and that is all you will get. You should learn to respect other people’s offices or cars to the point that you do not make or take calls in their office. Your apology is not your right to call or take calls there, they might tell you it is fine but in actual fact it won’t be.

Wisdom must tell you what to do and how to do it. There are people who might have wanted to favor you in life but your mouth might have blocked you from their favor, you need to know what to say and what not to say. Every situation requires wisdom. Even the way you dress should suite the environment you are going and the people there. You do not dress for yourself but others. You have no choice. Whatever you do in life should not be done because you like it but it might be just so that you achieve or attain certain goals.

When Jesus Christ came to earth He sacrificed Himself to satisfy a certain need, He used a lot of wisdom in doing that.

How are you presenting yourself?
How are you gaining favor?

Tomorrow is always important do not be short sighted because you might be switched off from where you are because of lack of wisdom. The way you act or react today might destroy your tomorrow. You need to protect your tomorrow.

Life is given unto you and wisdom is also given unto you, it is a she and it grows in you. You need to alter your character to the point of satisfying her. Every move of our lives, every phone call you take, every message you respond to must be handled with wisdom. You should know how and when to do things in order for you to get the audience of a king.

You also need to know the eye that is watching you and know what you say and how to say it.

How are you going to speak?

Wisdom says if you want to be friends with an Indian you have to like their curry. It ceases to be about you and what you prefer the focus shifts to them because you need them more than they need you.

We give all glory to God.

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