Prophet W. Magaya’s Birthday Press Conference

Prophet W. Magaya celebrated his birthday yesterday on the 6th of November 2014. He held a press a conference with the media in order to share facts with the world as well as improve relations with the media.

Following below are some of the questions which media brought forward to better understand how the church functions. The key theme of the conference was to enlighten the media as well the public on how Prophet operates as a man of God and what PHD Ministries has achieved so far. However, apart from the key theme the media also wanted to establish Prophet’s position with regards to other factors of everyday Christian life as well as his views on the economy right down to him as a family man.

Qsn: The forthcoming Night of Turn-around is coinciding with the rain season. How are you going to handle the situation considering that the rains might fall during the event?

Ans: We thank the Lord for the rains, it is actually a blessing. We have a shed which can accommodate about 16000 seated and we have also cleared the land including the area across the Mukuvisi River to accommodate other congregants who will be attending the prestigious event. We are expecting over 300 000 people yet initially we estimated just over 200 000. Last year same time we had 5000 congregants which means we have had a tremendous increase.

Qsn: As a result of the large numbers of the attendees for the forthcoming event how is PHD Ministries going to make sure that no injuries, casualties, violence or unusual incidents are minimised?
  Prophet W. Magaya’s Birthday Press Conference
Ans: We have made arrangements with ZRP who have issued us with 120 dedicated Police Officers. On top of that the Police force undertook the task of training 500 of our own PHD Ministries security marshals, a task which they did so successfully. The security marshals will assist the police in carrying out the various duties to ensure safety for everyone attending. The ZRP have stated that in the case of unusual situation they have placed many other officers on stand-by to be deployed if necessary.

Qsn: Within the congregation we understand that they are mothers that have children, what measures are you taking to ensure the safety of the children in the event of unexpected incidents especially if mothers manifest during the service?

Ans: We understand that mothers attend the service with their children; therefore we have dedicated a section that caters to this particular group of congregants. Therefore, should mothers start to manifest our well trained Ushers will move very quickly to the aid of the child and take the little one to a designated area. We have established a department of trained caring women who will receive the children from the Ushers and from there they will take care of the child until the mother returns after her deliverance.

Qsn: What is the theme of the night gathering of this year?

Ans: It is the Night of Turn-around. This is the only event that the ministry advertises every single year since its inception 3 years ago. The first one was in Chitungwiza with an attendance of 700 people followed by the one at Raylton Sports Club which had 5000 people and now this year we are expecting over 300 000 people. The reason why the numbers keep increasing is because of the numerous powerful miracles that occur within the ministry on a regular basis.

Qsn: How different is this forthcoming event from other previous gatherings you have had?

Ans: The main issue about the All-night prayer is that I am dedicating much more time than I ever do to deliverance and healing. This means that I will have many more cases of manifesting evil spirits to attend to considering that we have more time during the whole night unlike the usual services. We are expecting more people as a result of the powerful testimonies which have been viewed on Yadah-Tv, such as the popular Zambian national who came to the guest house with cancer, diabetes mellitus and was HIV positive. I prayed for him and a few weeks ago he came back with testimonies of his miraculous healing. Therefore such testimonies attracted people in his own country to attend our services.

Qsn: We understand the church is attracting people from all countries within the regions of Africa and the world beyond. Now as we all know there is the devastating disease called Ebola ravaging East Africa, how will the church handle the situation if a person with Ebola comes to attend your church services?

Ans: First of all I believe ebola is a spirit and I pray against its spread every day. I must give credit and I commend the Health authorities in Zimbabwe because of the good job they are doing to control our borders in order to prevent the spread of Ebola within our country. We do not expect the disease to be found or spread at the church because it will hinder God’s plan, therefore the Almighty God will not allow such an incident to happen.
Prophet W. Magaya’s Birthday Press Conference
Qsn: Is the PHD Ministries a replica of Prophet T.B Joshua’s SCOAN ministries?

Ans: No! Not at all. The most important thing to understand is that as a church we have our own vision just as they have theirs. However, when you embark on a project especially where God is involved it is important to make sure that you learn from the best institution serving God’s work. One has to follow someone with the same goal such as in our case we do healing, prophecy and deliverance which is also happening at SCOAN. I want the public to know that Prophet T.B Joshua is my spiritual father. I speak to him on a regular basis and he guides and mentors me. I also encourage people to visit SCOAN because it is a different experience on its own.

Qsn: What does it mean to be modern day Prophet?

Ans: We are in a modern generation where the gospel has undergone a massive evolution thereby matching the social development of the word in order to meet the needs of the modern day mind. A good example of this is how the gospel travels through various social media such as our Yadah-TV, website, social networking sites and other forms of electronic media. The church is available to the public on most social networks making the word of God reach people from distant places with just one mouse click. As a Prophet I need to preach for the future and I can’t preach about the past I need the ministry to operate in the best possible manner and that is in the present day. Above all i was not there in the old days if you are expecting me to operate the way it was done in the past.

Qsn: The main concept behind being a Prophet is the ability to see the future. So my question to you is what does the future hold for Zimbabwe in an economic sense?

Ans: The most important thing for Zimbabwe right now is for the people of the nation to reach common ground. Of course little misunderstandings can be there but they are good to pay way for a common ground thereby make our nation and economy better. The policies of the country need to be reviewed. I have always encouraged the export of finished products as opposed to raw materials. A good example of this is that people should focus less on selling tomatoes on the street but try to get those same tomatoes packaged and sold as tomato puree across our borders. This is because the people of Zimbabwe do not have the educational mind-set that the country needs for growth. Another example of how policies need to be changed is the export of tantalite. That one is a serious issue considering that 1 tonne of the raw mineral is sold at 400 dollars. When this mineral is exported to China or Japan they refine and use the mineral to make tablets and smart phones that are sold at US$1000 each. It is estimated that 1 tonne of tantalite can produce several thousand smart phones and led screens. Zimbabwe suffers because we cannot produce our own finished products from the raw materials.

We need a curriculum which changes the mind-set of our people so they become self-empowered. Instead they are taught to become employees rather than becoming employers. It is evident that the schools are teaching children to think in a box. I saw this when I read through a Grade one Shona book that described how the family should function. According to the book the mother is expected stay at home whilst the father goes to work. This is a clear example of how children grow up thinking it is acceptable to stay at home as women and go to work as men.

Qsn: As a father of the congregation there are a lot of activities which take place during services including preaching,deliverance, healing and prophecy, how do you cater for the large volume of congregants outside the normal church services considering that much of the listed activities such a the word require more time?

Ans: We have over 250 cell groups locally and over 150 cell groups outside Zimbabwe and in each cell group there is a minimum of 40 families. The largest cell group has over 500 people and is located in Kadoma. Each cell group leader speaks for me as I cannot be everywhere at once, only God’s word can do that. They all speak with one voice. This is achieved through the regular Cell-group Leaders workshops which we hold and through these vital workshops I disseminate and impart them knowledge as well as the word which they subsequently pass on to the people in their cell groups.

Qsn: Being the head of the church a lot of people come to you in order to receive spiritual healing, do you also assist the community in any other ways which are non-spiritual?

Ans: Giving is in my blood and I cannot spend a day without giving to the people. This year alone together with our Partners we have assisted over 5000 families including non-PHD Ministries followers and will continue to assist others. It is such a wonderful feeling when I make someone smile after helping them with school fees, food hampers, groceries, rental assistance, clothing, blankets and as of recent sun screen treatment to those people living with albinism regardless of their denomination. I offer the above mentioned assistance on a regular basis and I feel better when I give to someone. Still on corporate social responsibility we have constructed a bridge over the Mukuvisi River to assist the movement of or congregants when they come to church or leave church after services. It has also helped the communities of Waterfalls and Highfield to cross freely because before the bridge was constructed over 172 people died while trying to cross the river since 1970. At each Crusade we give generously to the under privileged and the elderly.

Qns: We understand the Honourable Minister of Tourism Engineer Walter Mzembi has been preaching about religious tourism and has commended you highly as the founder and visionary of PHD Ministries as a result of the influx of foreigners coming to Zimbabwe to attend the church services. As we speak right now foreigners have begun to fill up the hotels in and around Harare for the upcoming Night of Turn-Around 3. How do you feel about the Minister’s views?

Ans: First of all! I am greatly humbled by Honourable Mzembi’s support for Toursim in general and my ministry in particular. It is unfortunate he will not attend as he is away on a business forum in Victoria Falls. I want everyone to understand that many other Government Ministers have extended their support to the organization and they are doing so in a big way. The Honourable Minister of Local Government and National Housing Dr. Ignatius Chombo offered us land. The Ministry of Home Affairs has been helping us with the security aspect by giving us police officers as I previously mentioned. So there is a lot of support coming from our Zimbabwean Government and I really appreciate the help not to forget the Ministry of Health. Last week 113 foreigners arrived at the Harare International Airport for our Sunday Service, this is a great indication of the attraction the ministry has over the rest of the world as these are the people that bring large amounts of foreign currency and inject it into our national economy.

Qsn: If someone comes to the church with an incurable disease like HIV and AIDS, you pray for him and declare him healed should he stop taking medication immediately?

Ans: No! We encourage people to go back to their doctor for retesting. When they are tested negative then they can stop taking medicine, I have never told anyone to stop taking their drugs the only person that can do that is the doctor who diagnosed you. When you test negative we encourage you to return with your medical papers stating that you are free from the disease together with the old records which showed your positive results. At that point we can prepare a testimony to show the people how powerful the anointing of God is. I have always said that medicine is a gift from God and I pray every day that scientists and doctors find the cure for all these terrible incurable diseases. When I was growing up each time I suffered from a cough I used a cough remedy called Woods and I felt relieved. At the end of the day what I am saying is that doctors are important in our society.

Qsn: When it comes to running the Ministry, us as the media understand that a fine establishment such as your massive one requires a lot of financial backing. How does the Church manage to maintain its business with such a high financial demand?

Ans: We are so blessed to have Partners who support the Ministry in areas which demand financial resources. A Partner is a very important person within our Ministry such that whatever we plan involves their input. The partners help the organization on a monthly basis in order support the movement and spreading of God’s word to every corner of the world. We also do potato farming on a large scale that generates income to help with the ministry’s financial demands.

To God we give all glory!

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