Prophet Magaya speaks on his encounter with Prophet Makandiwa and Angel

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya has praised United Family International Church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa and Spirit Embassy leader Uebert Angel for pioneering prophetic gospel in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in an interview, Magaya said Makandiwa and Angel were the fore-fathers of the prophetic ministry. He said that their contribution cannot go unnoticed as they pushed away a "wall of resistance" associated with such ministries.

Magaya said he related well with the two men of cloth.

"I met Prophet Uebert Angel once in 2013. He is a good man. I also met with prophet Makandiwa three years ago. I spoke to him nicely and he is also a good man of God. They are the pioneers of the prophetic ministry we are into and we recognise and appreicate that," he said.

He said the two had worked tirelessly and made work easier for him when he started his own ministry.

"They have pushed a wall for me," said Magaya.
Prophet Magaya speaks on his encounter with Prophet Makandiwa and Angel
People have always compared the three prophets in terms of their miracles and their capacities to draw huge crowds.

This has created huge debates on the social media and with the general populace.

But Magaya, who emerged from humble beginnings, having established his church three years ago, said what was important was that all of them were spreading the word of God and needed to be respected for their "great" work.

The charismatic preacher is expecting 300 000 people at his "Turn Around" all-night prayer tomorrow.

His ministry has grown in leaps and bounds and he is currently building a 200 000-seater church.

Meanwhile, prophet Magaya has always publicly revealed that his spiritual father is Nigerian Televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua. This is the same man who was allegedly ridiculed by Prophet Uebert Angel in one of his sessions in December 2012.

Angel is said to have asked a female congregant why she desired to go to a place "where they would only tell you when the next president will die."

Scores of Christians also openly testified that Angel spoke via a televised program on his Miracle TV the above words which carried the impact of bringing TB Joshua’s reputation into question.

TB Joshua who allegedly 'ordained' Prophet Magaya in 2009 has a long history of fulfilled predictions which include the death of the late Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika.

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