PART B: Married Methodist Pastor, Rev Chivese caught having sex in car with policeman's wife

NB: In case you missed the first part, please go to: Married Methodist Pastor, Rev Chivese caught having sex in car with policeman's wife

A Police officer stationed as Beatrice Police Station and the official husband of Fortunate eventually heard that his beloved wife had been caught red-handed having sex with a Methodist Pastor in a car near Masvingo road.

Upon learning about the 'sad news', the cop rushed to the police station where he found his wife holding her blue 'parachute' underwear in her hands. It could not be established if the policeman would totally forgive his wife since Rev Chivese is also good in preaching about forgiving.

"How did you get the news? Anyway yes it happened and I have since sent her (Fortunate) back to her parents. I am still in shock my brother. I can't believe that my own wife of eight years cheated on me, worse of with a 'man of God'. I haven't been eating since Monday. I don't have any appetite. I am very worried about the issue. I don't even know what to do," he said.

"I was informed about the incident and I rushed to the (police) station where I found her holding her underwear," he added.
PART B: Married Methodist Pastor, Rev Chivese caught having sex in car with policeman's wife
When reached for comment, the man of God-cum-man of sex, Rev Chivese said he was still traumatised and was not in a position to speak to the media about his alleged sex scandal.

"I am in trauma because of that issue. I can't comment right now. Yes I'm a minister in the Methodist church but I can't comment over the phone," said the Methodist Church Superintendent for Mabvuku circuit.

The policeman's wife who has the guts to sample a married pastor's 'bedroom joystick' could not be reached for comment. My Zimbabwe News would have loved to hear how she would rate the pastor's sex expertise in percentages (out of 100).

The Bishop for Methodist Church's Harare East District who is the boss of Rev Chivese, Rev Daniel Muzenda, reportedly rushed to Beatrice to also "catch a glimpse" of his pastor who had reportedly been caught having sex with a married woman. The bishop was however reluctant to comment and cited church protocol.

"I need to seek clearance to comment on that issue. At the moment I am at a crusade in Chitungwiza. I will come back to you when I get to the office at Trinity Methodist (in Harare CBD) and we discuss the issue," said Rev Muzenda.

My Zimbabwe News tried to get a comment from both the Presiding Bishop, Rev Amos Ndhlumbi, or the MCZ Secretary General, Dr Ananias Kumbuyo Nyanjaya, but the two 'Hwisiri' bosses could not be reached for comment.

However, sources within the Methodist Church who spoke to My Zimbabwe News alleged that Rev Chivese has already been suspended. According to the Methodist policy, a minister who commits serious offences such as adultery and fornication automatically gets suspended. The church is so serious that even an ordinary church member who doesn't hold a single leadership post in the church gets 'punished' once he commits adultery or fornication (eg when an unmarried woman falls pregnant or when a man impregnates a woman who is not his legal wife).

According to Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Rev Chivese's fate should first be discussed at society (branch level) during what they term a Leaders Meeting. From there, the issue would be taken up to the Quarterly Meeting. Under normal circumstances the Quarterly meeting which sits after every three months, is the meeting that 'punishes' (demotes) church full members who violate the church constitution and policies. As Rev Chivese was the Superintendent for his circuit, he was effectively the boss and head of the church in Mabvuku, therefore he cannot chair either the Leaders meeting nor the Quarterly meeting to 'fire' himself.

Since Chivese is a minister and a circuit superintendent, his fate goes further up to the Synod, a meeting that usually takes place once every year (in April normally) and is chaired by the Bishop of that particular district.

Rev Chivese's case is only going to be finalised next year in August when all Methodist Districts meet for their annual conference which is the Methodist's highest decision making meeting and is chaired by the Presiding (National) Bishop. This is also the meeting that confirms, ordains and officially fires all pastors in the church.

NB: In case you missed the first part, please go to: Married Methodist Pastor, Rev Chivese caught having sex in car with policeman's wife

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