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Night burglar stuck on an anointed door sticker

Shamiso Mwanza was back with another powerful testimony after she came last time with a testimony of eczema which miraculously healed. Recently she had a dream in which someone had walked into her house and when she woke up she found someone standing in front of her. The man instructed her to be quiet and told her she only had two options either to live and give him all her valuables or die. Like any other normal person she chose to lose her valuables and keep her life.
Night burglar stuck on an anointed door sticker
The man packed all that he wanted and was ready to leave when it dawned on her that she had anointed mantles in her house. Shamiso had a sticker stuck on her door but she could not access it since the man was standing by the door. She then grabbed an anointed DVD and she silently called upon the God of Prophet W. Magaya to help her and save her from the hands of the man. When she opened her eyes she was shocked to note that the burglar was stuck by the door and could not move.

She took advantage of that and quickly ran out screaming for help. The burglar suddenly regained strength and fled leaving all her valuables untouched for the glory of God Almighty.

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