Husband Duties To Avoid With Girlfriends

1. It’s fine to court or pursue your lady of interest by taking her out to eat, movies, dates, buying a birthday gift, etc as you are getting to know her. Just don’t spend or give excessive amounts of money when asked because if you are you are being foolish, simply whipped or being used by a gold digger. Don’t confuse the getting to know process with providing as you would do for a wife. You should not be paying for bills, cars, rent and/or shopping sprees while dating.

2. A woman is a Queen but she is not YOUR QUEEN until you two are married so you shouldn’t live together while dating. Never get ahead of yourself losing perspective because there is no rush so be patient. Don’t give her every waking moment you or she has free for that matter. Keep your freedom to do things with your partners, kids and/or friends and she should have her space as well to hang out with her girls, go shopping, etc. She deserves QUALITY TIME but NOT ALL YOUR TIME while dating.

3. We all know the Bible says we are not suppose to have sex until married but the reality is 99% of the time we do so I will keep it real and not act like I’m too righteous for folks. A woman you are dating is not your property so you can’t demand sex whenever you want it. Be patient and when both of you are ready and decide to have sex then and only then should it occur. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION WITH ANYONE YOU ARE DATING NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS ABOUT BEING ON BIRTH CONTROL, TUBES ARE TIED, HAD A SHOT, ETC,! Too many diseases out here and too many children being brought into this world into single family homes so PUT ON A CONDOM if you are engaging in intercourse while dating after all it takes only 10 seconds!
Husband Duties To Avoid With Girlfriends
4. While you are getting to know your lady of interest, you should not take on the father role of her kids. We will never agree on the correct time to even introduce kids to a new man because every situation varies thus can be different, so I won’t even go there. Just know for the well being and health of a kid he/she should not have multiple men coming in and out of their lives. For all of you thinking what if the kid doesn’t like him, I ask you who is dating the man you or the kid(s)? Kids should never dictate WHO YOU DATE. YOU ARE THE ADULT. Kid(s) eventually leave the nest or home and then create their own family. A husband is still there when they are gone to live the rest of your life with. Never get too involved in a kid(s) life or get too attached while dating if you don’t have plans to permanently stay which would ultimately mean marrying his/her Mother!

Some of you are thinking you should be giving your all to whoever you are dating and that is all well and good but I ask you to think about how many boyfriends/girlfriends you have had in life. Truth is many people come and many people go in a lifetime so that is the main reason you should wait until the holy sacrament of marriage to be 100% vested emotionally, physically and spiritually in love with each other with no conditions.


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