Cervical cancer wiped out after stepping on the Holy Ground!

34 year old Hazvinei Zhuwao went for three years with back problems which she had gotten accustomed to. She decided to visit the doctor and was diagnosed with cervical cancer which was already at an advanced stage and they had to remove her womb (hysterectomy) in July 2014. Fear gripped her and she sought solution from traditional healers who gave her bitter concoctions that she took but instead of making the situation better it became worse.
Cervical cancer wiped out after stepping on the Holy Ground!
Her mother encouraged her to visit PHD Ministries which she did and booked for the prayer line. On the day in question the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya did not lay hands upon those that registered but instructed them to enter the Holy Ground instead and Hazvinei was blessed with Anointing oil. She continued to administer the anointing oil at her on a daily basis and the pain she felt on a daily basis became a thing of the past. She believed she was healed but her family still insisted on her going through hysterectomy and ensured she went to South Africa for that.
Whilst in South Africa the doctors insisted on another test before they could do anything and that was when they told Hazvinei that there was no trace of cancer in her cervix. Her family has seen the mighty works of God Almighty through her life and they bear many more testimonies of their own after they all administered the resurrection power filled anointing oil. To God be the glory!

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