Adulterous bishop offers to pay $2m over 100 years

ABUNDANT Life Global Ministries (ALGM) leader, Danmore Magorimbo, is alleged to have offered to pay $1 000 per month and surrendered title deeds of his residential stand in Pomona, Harare, as adultery damages to a man whose wife he had an extra-marital relationship with.


This was after he had been asked to pay $2 million adultery damages to the complainant’s husband.

In letters dated October 16 and 20 this year addressed to Magorimbo, the woman’s husband’s lawyers Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners wrote to the man of the cloth requesting to meet him over the matter and asked him to bring along his wife so that he would apologise for the adulterous affair in the presence of his wife.

“Our client (the complainant’s husband) has noted your admission which was expected anyway. However, he is requesting for a one-on-one meeting wherein you would apologise to him. Our client has requested that you bring along your wife such that you sincerely apologise even to your own wife for the adulterous sexual encounters you had with our client’s wife,” the lawyers wrote.
Adulterous bishop offers to pay $2m over 100 years
“As for the monetary demand for the damages outlined in our letter of demand, they still remain as it is and your proposal of $1 000/month is an insult to say the least. Paying $1 000/month will take us more than a century for the money demanded to be paid in full. Therefore, our client proposes that you take this demand seriously and then give a more reasonable offer of how you intend to pay the amount demanded with at least a lump sum now which would be coupled with reasonable monthly instalments,” the lawyers added.

Magorimbo, however, is alleged to have offered his Pomona stand, following a series of meetings with the complainant’s husband as part settlement of the infidelity claims, but despite the said offer, the complainant proceeded to file rape charges against him.

A week ago, Magorimbo was not asked to plead, but was remanded in custody and ordered to apply for bail at the High Court by a Harare magistrate. However, last Friday he was granted $100 bail by consent of the State after his lawyer Ray Tsvakwi convinced the National Prosecuting Authority by producing the correspondences for adultery damages as evidence.

According to court papers, sometime in April this year Magorimbo allegedly approached the woman who was in the prayer room and invited her to his office for a “cleansing” ceremony.

While in the office, Magorimbo allegedly misrepresented to the woman that she had “received” some evil spirits from her husband through sex and further told her that God had sent him to cleanse her by having sexual intercourse with her.

He later allegedly raped her.

His co-accused Leeshallow Kambiro was also granted $100 bail.

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