Why prophet did Prophet E. Makandiwa leave AFM?

QUESTION:- My question why prophet Makandiwa leave AFM .Generally my self i like his sermons they are too powerful and my life will never be the same.

ANSWER:- Thank you very much Augustine Machibaya for your question. As far as i know Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was literally pushed out of AFM by the new system or should i say new rules to run the church which had been passed by the leadership a few weeks before his exit.

This was not done by any individual specifically as some have said.In any organisation,the leaders always review the rules and laws that govern them in order to see a smoother running of its systems.

When that happens there are always victims of those changes,Just like in a cooporate organisation,the management or board can make a decision that will become uncomfortable for some and they will have to leave,they will have NO CHOICE but to leave.The company wont be a good place for them to go to greater heights in what they are meant to do in their lives,their dreams will be shattered by the new laws.You will find that when the individual joined the company on his first day,he was sure that this was to become his home forever and he had dreams meant to support the greater vision of that company,but its the systems that turn things around.
Why prophet did Prophet E. Makandiwa leave AFM
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