Songbird Pauline Gundidza reveals in new love

By Vasco Chaya
HARARE – Songbird Pauline Gundidza says she has found love again and this time she hopes to exorcise for good the ghost of musician Rockford “Roki” Josphats, the father of her two children.

The Mafriq lead vocalist, who declined to name her new lover, revealed to the Daily News on Sunday that the enigmatic Chidzoka singer has continued to wreak endless havoc in her life even though they divorced over three years ago.

“At some point it became very frustrating and I had to temporarily quit performing. Whenever I went on stage to perform, people would never cease to ask me about Roki,” said Pauline.

“I became sick and tired of people continually pestering me about Roki this and Roki that.”

Early this year Gundidza took to Facebook to announce that she was “single and searching” and she is convinced that at long last she has found the ideal beau to replace Roki.

“I will reveal his name at the right time but for now, I will keep him off the public glare. My fans and those who care about me should only know that I am in a good relationship.

“In fact, I am in safe hands. How can I live without someone to hang out with? My life with Roki ended a long time ago; it is all in the past,” said the mother of two.
Songbird Pauline Gundidza
Now that matters of the heart have been sorted, Pauline told the Daily News on Sunday that her focus was now firmly on reviving her music career.

“I am back with a bang. I am currently working on a yet-to-be titled eight-track solo album. The album has a traditional slant to it because I have included mbira which I can play very well now,” added the 29 year old musician.

The former Dominican Convent High School student, who is currently studying music at the Zimbabwe Music Cross Roads, believes all is now in place for her to re-launch a ‘new Pauline.’

“I have got an interesting story to tell. I have written a book which I am confident will be useful to the community. It is my wish to continue to teach and educate the society about life experiences,” she said.

“After school my wish was to study music but I never got to do that. I am now happy that I have finally enrolled at Zimbabwe Music Cross Roads for a certificate in music.

“I am studying music because I want to be a music teacher in the community not necessarily in group A-schools. I have noticed that the African culture is being neglected hence it is my wish to be the custodian of such culture,” she said. Daily News

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