She would give her husband a thorough beating

Maonei John was ruthless towards her husband whom she would beat up frequently. Every time she would see him with a female it would be disaster as she would beat both of them up without investigating whether or not they were in a relationship or not due to jealousy. She said she would hear a voice that would instruct her to beat up her husband and she would comply. At one point she heard the voice in the middle of the night and she followed her husband to work just to give him a thorough beating for no apparent reason and she felt satisfied afterwards.

One day when they had gone to their rural home she heard the strange voice again which instructed her to beat up her husband and as usual she again complied by picking wood from the fireplace and beat up her husband resulting in bone fractures on his left arm. The husband had to be admitted in hospital and could not go to work until he was fully recovered.

She would give her husband a thorough beating
Whilst at home she did not want anyone to tune into Yadah-TV to the point that she would be frustrated and cause fights. One of the days she decided to visit PHD Ministries and an evil spirit manifested through her. She was delivered and received the blessing of the anointing oil which she administered upon arrival home. She started to feel love for her husband and apologized for her past behaviour. Her marriage has turned from bitter to sweet. Her husband confirmed the rapid change that has happened in their marriage after her first visit here. They are now a happily married couple to the glory of God Almighty. 

What a Mighty God we serve!

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