Sermon: Identify your purpose Scripture: Proverbs.16:1&9 [NKJV]

1-The preparations of the heart belong to man,
But the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.

9 A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.
Being a high profile person does not mean anything in someone’s office. Remove the pride. If you are a superior at your work place who told you that you are superior everywhere? A good relationship is one thing that will bring business and if you are in someone’s office try to empty your thoughts in a clear way. There is a good way of acting in someone’s office since a good relationship creates good business.

If you use a proper hand in someone’s office it will not kill you than to acting a funny way. The attitude you had before made people to delete even your number. Each time you are in someone’s car or office, learn to switch off your mobile phone, it is a sign of disrespecting the conversation you are having.

Your actions and character are affecting your opportunities.

Action dzako dzakakuuraira mukana.

There is way of attracting favour. In the Bible Naomi attracted Boaz favour through respect. A principle doesn’t change with a person. A principle is a principle. A principle is a law which guarantees 100 percent efficiency of a product. Principle does not respect a person it stands as a principle in order for you to succeed.
  Sermon: Identify your purpose Scripture: Proverbs.16:1&9 [NKJV]
Example: Law of gravity

It does not matter I am a man of God if I go on a higher place and try to jump I will get injured, no matter who you are. Learn to attract favour from people around you. Humble yourself beyond someone’s expectations.

Your pride will destroy you.

Why are you on earth?
Why are you here?
Why were you created?

A purpose is also a principle, if you recognise your purpose it determines your success.
What is your purpose on earth?
What are you supposed to achieve in your lifetime?
What do you see in a vision?

If you want to gain 100 percent support from God or someone you must stand on your purpose.

African education only focuses on academics. It is not about what your neighbour is doing but about what you were created for.

How do I identify this purpose?
If you are standing on your purpose be assured that Angels are on your side and the favour of the Holy Spirit is with you because you are on the right purpose.
First purpose of creation is worship but it must go beyond worship.

How do you tell this vision or dream is from God?

1:If you have a vision that you can accomplish in your lifetime it means it is not from God. When God is depositing a vision or purpose He deposits it for the whole generation. If you see that it will benefit your son and family it shows that it is from God.

2:When the vision is from God even your family and friends will not support it. It does not make sense to others, if they are not on your side just know that the vision is from God. If the vision is from God it is usually bigger from what people think so they will not support you even your parents.

A vision will sound like a drama and they will laugh at you, it will make you pass through rejection.

If God gives you a vision it is not for everyone to hear it. The more you will be trying to convince them is the more they will be pushing you away. If it is your purpose you have to test yourself with the time you sleep and the time you. Meaning that if you can attend to your purpose longer hours while sleeping less hours and eating awkward times therefore you are working on your purpose. The drive inside you for the purpose will push you to do it.

The reason to remain working for someone is that you will be supporting someone’s vision. If you are supporting someone’s vision it must also encourage everything in you to come out. If it is not encouraging you find a way out.

What is the reason for doing business?

The reason of making profit has destroyed many people particularly in Africa. When running a business for profit it will not grow. It must be run with passion and money will follow. Passion will increase the customer base and skill as well. If you are standing on purpose passion will follow you. In business the worker will be looking for profit but you as the owner must focus on future through your passion. Never operate in short-cuts they have long term effects that will harm your business.

In Africa many have a culture of not planning and one example is that of not having a diary. If people were not writing down we could not have a bible today. Putting your dreams down is a sign of listening to the Holy Spirit. The whole world will be concurred if we start to put our visions on paper.

God only directs the blessings if there is a written vision. Take your vision or plan down on paper. Even the Bible clearly says in Hosea.4:6 that my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

Where will you be in December?
Where is it written?
Where are you going?

What is the reason that can push God to direct His blessings to you? Planning and writing down is a sign of faith and only faith pleases God.

We give God all the glory.

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