Senior ZANU-PF members weep uncontrollably in sympathy with Mujuru over Dr Amai’s attacks

A number of loyal Amai Mujuru supporters including senior Zanu PF members, wept uncontrollably when they met with Mujuru at the party’s headquarters before the politburo meeting commenced, Daily News reports.
“I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life. Politburo members that included grown, battle-hardened men were weeping like children in sympathy with the VP and because of the pain of the persecution that Mai Mujuru is taking at the moment.

“Although I, myself, didn’t cry, we all couldn’t understand why the VP was being attacked this viciously by her enemies in the party.

“To add to everyone’s pain, the VP herself remained very dignified throughout this emotional period and urged everyone to remain calm and not to worry. It was very sad.

“The crying was spontaneous and obviously the attacks revived memories of the VP’s husband, General Solomon Mujuru whom we all know died mysteriously,” one of the sources said.
Senior ZANU-PF members weep uncontrollably in sympathy with Mujuru over Dr Amai’s attacks
Although the stage was temptingly ripe for Mujuru to respond in kind, and possibly even hit back with interest to Grace’s recent sensational allegations of corruption and incompetence against her, President Robert Mugabe’s deputy was calm and collected when she addressed thousands of her supporters from around the country at her graduation party, where she called for unity.

And where her adversaries religiously chanted provocative slogans at Grace’s recent rallies such as “Pasi neGamatox” (Down with Gamatox), a loaded statement aimed at rubbishing her and her lieutenants, Mujuru refused to be baited even when her supporters chanted the equally derogatory “Pasi nezvipfukuto” (Down with weevils) slogan in revenge.

Instead, she focused her brief speech on party and national unity, as well as the critical need to support and educate girl children.

This surprised many people, including both her political rivals and analysts — more so as it is understood that her party opponents continue to plot her downfall, by working clandestinely to ensure that all the party’s chairpersons who are loyal to her are expelled before Zanu PF’s much-anticipated elective congress slated for early December.

Source: Daily News

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