Question and Answer Segment with Prophet Magaya

Question and Answer Segment:
Below are some of the questions that were presented to the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya.

Qsn: What should we do to maintain our deliverance?

Ans: You need to stick to the word and you must be aware that you are going to face more attacks after deliverance than before. That is why we say you need more God after deliverance than before.

Qsn: After identifying your purpose what are the steps to archive that purpose?
Ans: Planning is the first step, write your purpose or vision in a diary and writing down is an inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The best secret is that you need to know the end when you are still at the beginning. When your vision is in writing that will help you to keep on going.

Qsn : What is the secret behind the amazing anointing that is upon your life?
Ans: Experience is the best teacher. I started deliverance when we used to have only one demon manifesting in a service. There is no way we are going to meet a new demon today because we have already met them before. Experience helps us to be where we are today. What we are today is a combination of many years that we had in the ministry. The spiritual muscle increases with time and maturity.

Question and Answer Segment with Prophet Magaya
Qsn: Why is it if I assist someone with anointing oil that person will have a testimony before me?
Ans: Testimony comes from faith. Your actions, the way you feel and the way you are expecting. The heart that expects is the heart that receives.

Qsn: How do you know that this is a calling from God?

Ans: The person that can identify you is the person that is seeing you from below. Do not give yourself a tittle people must give you a tittle from what they are seeing.

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