PICS: Tino ‘Tin Tin’ Katsande finds love again

Former DJ and Actress Tinopona Katsande who is known to her legion of fans as Tin Tin is now a happy, content woman after finding new love.

She certainly has gone through a series of misfortunes lately, highlights being pics of her heavily bruised face circulating after she was assaulted by her ex boyfriend during a row over kitchen duties to the infamous bedroom video that went viral last year, Tin Tin is no doubt a survivor who skirts around all obstacles thrown onto her path. We here are especially pleased to be writing something positive about her for once!

Now about the lucky new dude (identity has not been ascertained yet),she shared some pics they took in the house and about. She says she has found Mr Right who is very good in the kitchen, apparently. She gushed :”When you catch him looking at you like this ……. haaaaa asikana you can happily say zvangu zviri Right.”

We wish her happiness, lots of it, well, as much as can be found in as demanding an institution such as a relationship.

Below are the pics:
PICS: Tino ‘Tin Tin’ Katsande finds love again
PICS: Tino ‘Tin Tin’ Katsande finds love again

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