Mugabe will regret First Lady decision says Margaret Dongo

By Fungi Kwaramba
HARARE – Outspoken war veteran and former legislator Margaret Dongo has challenged Zanu PF politburo members to “man up” today and demand answers from President Robert Mugabe over his wife Grace’s recent gratuitous attacks on Vice President Joice Mujuru.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News yesterday, Dongo, said the 90-year-old needed to be pushed to stop him from regarding Zanu PF as his private property.

“Bob has never bothered to respect the post of the vice president he has appointed. She is a woman and he was supposed to bring back such issues to the VP. The first lady is being used. There is a camp that is using her and that is why she is being too emotional,” she said.

The former Zimbabwe Union of Democrats (ZUD) president added: “I hope I won’t be disappointed again if they do not stand up. If they do that, then they are all Mugabe’s wives.”
Mugabe will regret First Lady decision says Margaret Dongo
Zanu PF meets in a crunch politburo indaba today, where Oppah Muchinguri is expected to present a report on Grace’s controversial “Meet the People” rallies where she publicly embarrassed senior party officials, including Mujuru.

With Zanu PF currently divided along two major factions reportedly led by Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Dongo said the 51-year-old ruling party was headed for a split if Mugabe decided to unilaterally appoint members of the politburo as demanded by some of his colleagues.
Mugabe will regret First Lady decision says Margaret Dongo
“If Mugabe appoints members to the politburo, that will be his greatest mistake, he is on his way out,” Dongo said.

“He wants to build the party and not destroy it and if he appoints (the politburo), then he will be destroying the party. He has to come clean and wash his hands by calling for elections.”

She said “by allowing the first lady to take over as the secretary for Women’s League, Bob has made a mistake.”

“That position requires someone with political maturity,” Dongo said. “I think Bob will regret his wife’s entry and I think he has to address it now. The root cause of all this is Oppah Muchinguri.”

Dongo, who hoped to oppose Mugabe in the 1996 presidential elections but did not meet the minimum age requirement of 40 years, said Grace was threatening the very existence of the ruling party.

“Cde Muchinguri should have approached the vice president as her senior and shared with her what the Women’s League had decided to do,” she said. “The other person to blame is Bob. He should have asked Oppah if she had consulted other women, let alone the war veterans who matter, not only to invite them to tell them what you want.”

Dongo said Grace was “careless” at her rallies and did not have the political muscle to call for the VP to resign.

“Grace is not in the structures of government and she is not in the structures of the party,” she said.

“Any fool can understand this, so she cannot call for the resignation of the VP. She is not in the structures. She has no powers to say the VP should resign.”

The former MP for Harare East said Muchinguri had successfully destroyed the friendship between Grace and Joice, when by portraying the VP as opposed to the First Lady’s rise in politics.

“Oppah ndiye chipfukuto (Oppah is the weevil), she has created this hate between the First Lady and the vice president,” she said.

“The vice president is our leader in terms of the women combatants. All these anaOppah they follow behind. There is no way Oppah could have been allowed by Bob to by-pass the vice president unless if we say he doesn’t know what he is doing.” Daily News

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