Mini skirt demonstration in Harare

Scores of women in Harare are on Saturday set to embark on a ‘mini-skirt march’ from the city centre to Copa Cabana and Market Square bus ranks to voice their concerns on the harassment of women and girls dressed in mini-skirts or skimpy dresses by touts.

The march is being organised by a Women Rights lobby group, Katswe Sistahood, which in a statement said the march will begin at Town House and that they would be sending a message to the touts that women have a right to dress the way they like.

“As part of our Direct Action Strategy, Katswe Sistahood is organising a Mini-skirt March on Saturday, October 4. We are reclaiming our constitutional right to move freely-as-equals.

“We are inviting children, nieces, sons, friends and fathers to join us as we denounce the horrendous acts of humiliation and sometimes sexual harassment by the touts.
Mini skirt demonstration in Harare
“Beverly Sibanda (not the popular dancer) was almost stripped naked and many girls continue to fall prey to these hwindis. We are saying it is enough. We can’t have a democratic Zimbabwe where some parts of the city are no go zones for women, that is unacceptable,” read the statement.

Formerly known as the Young Women’s Leadership Initiative, Katswe Sistahood was formed in 2007 to address the plight of women.

An official from the organisation yesterday confirmed the march, saying the move was meant to condemn behaviour by touts towards women’s dressing.

“It is a way of condemning the touts’ behaviour. Women should be respected as well as their dressing. Why do men attack our dressing while it is a common sight to see a man urinating on the street?,” said the official.

The march comes as the summer season, when most women dress according to the weather, setsin.

Source: Zim Mail

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