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Man goes insane after five years of sex sanctions from wife

A Bulawayo man, Robert Moyo pulled a shocker when he was admitted at a psychiatric institution citing the cause of his ‘illness’ as the five year sex embargo from his wife Leandy Moyo despite sharing the same blankets.

Robert further claimed that after receiving therapy the doctor, who attended to whom, advised him to get rid of his wife who was ‘endangering’ his life.

Robert opened up this week before a Civil Court in Bulawayo where he was seeking a protection order against his wife whom he accused of emotionally and psychologically abusing him by denying him sex.

He said he was always stressed when his wife told him that she was allegedly fixing him for his past sins.

Robert said told the Court that he was married to Leandy under Chapter 5:11 but he felt the relationship no longer exists because his wife was starving him of sex due because he used to come home late adding that he wanted her out of their matrimonial home.
Man goes insane after five years of sex sanctions from wife
Leandy did not show up for the Court hearing. The matter was deferred pending judgment.

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