Is it routine? Is it obvious? Is it monotonous to say, Good morning Jesus?

Is it routine? Is it obvious? Is it monotonous to say, Good morning Jesus?

Does saying, “Good morning Jesus Christ” every morning sound routine and boring to you? If so, does waking up alive and fit sound boring and very obvious to you? Did you know that waking up every morning looking forward to the brand new day is a daily testimony to you? Are you aware that right now as you read this post, someone somewhere failed to wake up this morning? Someone’s last day was yesterday! Are you are aware that this morning someone is starting the day in a very bad shape? Do you know that someone woke up in hospital, prison cells or some other predicament this morning? In view of the above do you still view starting your day as an obvious and monotonous routine event?

Think twice and say, “Good morning Jesus Christ of Nazareth”. Are you too busy for that? Is that too much for you?

Again I say, think twice and appreciate the Lord Jesus Christ for all who you are and family today.

Good morning Jesus Christ - the Lord and Master of Resurrection!
Is it routine? Is it obvious? Is it monotonous to say, Good morning Jesus?
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

Jesus Christ is the owner of light and grace because He is the owner of grace. He loves you unconditionally, always.

Say, "Good morning Jesus Christ! Thank you Jesus Christ! I love you my Jesus Christ! Abbah! Father! Yadah!"

Say, "Let there be light to my day!"

Say, "I nullify all negative dreams of last night in Jesus Christ’s name!"
Say, "I denounce and decline the manifestation of all negative dreams!"

Say, "Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for yesterday, today and tomorrow!"
Say, "It is well with me because of Your grace my Jesus Christ!"

Ita, "Mangwanani Jesu! Ndinokudai Jesu! Baba! Abbah! Father! Yadah!"

Ita, "Nzira yangu nhasi ngaive nechiedza chenyu Jesu!"

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